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Personal Radiation Protection Shield

There’s no way around it, in today’s world, we depend on electronic devices. Cell phones, laptop computers, mobile devices – these are things we all have and use every day. They make life a little easier, but they also pose a big threat to our health. There have been many studies and reports over the decades that clearly show the risk of too much exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), and the researchers have been warning us to avoid radiation as much as possible, but we continue to ignore the dangers. Some Common Sources of EMFs

  • Power lines radiation
  • Cell phone towers radiation
  • Cell phone radiation
  • WiFi radiation
  • Laptop Radiation
  • TV radiation
  • Microwave radiation

But, What Exactly are the Dangers of EMF Radiation? When it comes to EMFs, the body is as easily penetrated as air. There are many health risks associated with EMF radiation, including:

  • Genotoxic effects (DNA damage)
  • Stress response
  • Asthma (when exposed in utero)
  • Cancer
  • Headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Low sperm count
  • Heart conditions
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Compromised Immune function
  • Neurology and behavioral issues (ADHD)
  • Childhood cancers (Leukemia)
  • Promotes breast cancer
  • Childhood obesity

What Can You do to Protect Yourself Against Radiation Exposure? There are many things that you can do to protect yourself, and minimize your risk of complications due to exposure from EMF radiation.

  • Keep your cell phone away from your ear. Use a hands-free device. Put as much distance as you can between your skin and the phone.
  • Don’t put your laptop on your lap. Same thing – distance is good. Holding a laptop on your lap puts in in unnecessarily close contact with laptop radiation.
  • Try to keep a distance from cell towers. Much like keep the phone away from your ear, the further you are from the tower, the less radiation that you will absorb.
  • Use landlines when you can.Reduce the amount of radiation you’re exposed to and stop putting EMFs out into the airwaves.
  • Only use your cell phone when reception is strong. When the signal is poor, the phone works harder, so radiation emission is increased.
  • Do away with electronic devices. If you can give up on electronic devices entirely, that’s the best form of personal radiation protection.

But, since that probably won’t happen, buy a personal radiation protection shield. After years of thorough research and development, Aires technology has come up with an easy solution to protect yourself from radiation. Our personal radiation protection shields can help limit your exposure to EMFS found in everyday electronic devices. How Does the Personal Radiation Protection Shield Work? A radio frequency is an electromagnetic wave used for communication (such as cell phones, laptops or WiFi). A radio frequency electromagnetic field is an electromagnetic field caused by radio frequency. You may not know this, but your own body uses EMFs to function properly. In fact, studies have shown that every cell in your body may have its own EMF. A personal radiation protection shield works to neutralize radiation and literally shield your body from exposure. Aires Technologies’ Aires silicon resonator chips neutralize the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Our Personal Radiation Protection Shields are:

  • Award Winning. Aires’ radiation protection products are internationally recognized and have received a number of awards.
  • Clinically Approved. Our devices have been rigorously tested, and they have been verified and approved by independent medical and scientific facilities.
  • Patent Approved. Each one of our products makes use of exclusive patented technology to achieve the best possible protection from radiation.
  • Available For All Devices. All of Aires Technologies products are available for all types of personal electronic devices.

What Types Of Radiation Will a Personal Radiation Protection Shield Protect Me Against?

  • Power line radiation
  • Cell phone tower radiation
  • Cell phone radiation
  • WiFi radiation
  • Laptop Radiation
  • Microwave radiation
  • TV radiation
  • Baby monitor radiation
  • Cordless phone radiation
  • Tablet radiation
  • Even universal radiation

Put a Stop to the Risks Associated with EMFs Our personal radiation protection devices can shield you from harmful radiation emitted by everyday items. Reduce your exposure to EMF radiation from cell phones, laptops, WiFi. Purchase your personal radiation protection shield from our store, right now!