November 24, 2015 3 min read

Mobile phone radiation is nearly everywhere, and it can be dangerous if you are careless with how you use your device. And though, unfortunately, you cannot eliminate all risk, there are some steps that you can take to drastically reduce your exposure and risk. We have compiled a list of cell phone radiation protection tips:

  • Don’t allow children to use cell phones unless it is an emergency. Children are several times more likely to develop complications from mobile phone radiation than adults. There are numerous studies to support this.
  • Reduce the number of calls that you make, and keep the length of the call to an absolute minimum. This is simple, the less you use the device, the less radiation you are exposed to. And remember, landlines pose far less risk than cell phones.
  • Keep your phone are least 15 cm from your ear, especially while connecting after you dial a number. Cell phones run at full power during this time. The same goes with receiving calls, wait a moment before putting the phone to your ear after answering.
  • Do not carry your cell phone directly on your body.The closer your wireless device is to your body, the more radiation you are exposed to, so keeping your mobile phone pressed directly to your body will give you a hundred percent of the dose of radiation.
  • Only use your cell phone when reception is good. Phones have been known to increase emission 1000x when signal is poor. Wait for a good signal and save yourself from that increase blast of EMFs.
  • Don’t use your mobile phone when in a vehicle. In a moving vehicle the phone is scanning for contact constantly and thereby operating at heightened signal strength, so radiation levels are increased. Don’t use your mobile phone in a parked vehicle either, it acts like a box, helping to trap and bounce the radio waves around inside, giving you additional exposure.
  • When possible, use an air tube headset. Signal strength decreases the further you are from the source. Airtube headsets are a safe way of increasing this distance. They are made up of a part-wired cable and a part air tube. The air tube part converts the electrical signal into airwaves, which are harmless. Airtube headsets are much safer than Bluetooth.
  • Use the speakerphone.This makes it easy to keep the phone away from your body when you make calls. As the battery has to work a little harder, it may emit more radiation, so keep it off of your body, as well as away from your head.
  • Never keep your phone beside your bed, don’t even bring it into the bedroom. Studies indicate that cell phone radiation and other EMF exposures can interrupt sleep cycles and can impede the function of the immune system, reducing the production of melatonin which may lead to serious long-term consequences.
  • Avoid using your mobile phone if you are feeling sick. The radiation can weaken your immune system further, making either the damage from the illness or the damage from the EMFs worse.
  • Communicate using text messaging, when possible, instead of making phone calls. Though it also exposes your body to cell phone radiation, it limits the duration and the proximity of the exposure to the body. Hold your cell phone away from your body while texting, especially while pressing the send button - this is when testing will emit the most radiation.
  • Get rid of the mobile phone.This seems easy enough right? Well, to a lot of people it isn’t easy, we as humans have become attached to those neat little devices. But, if this is an option that you can handle, please, do it.
  • Use a diode or neutralizing chip.Electromagnetic radiation neutralizing technology is an amazing advancement in radiation protection. The devices, such as the ones that we sell in our store, create a neutralizing shield that protects your body’s cells from the damage the EMF radiation can cause. They are by far the easiest, and one of the best ways to protect yourself from cell phone radiation.
Remember, EMFs are everywhere, and all you can do to protect yourself is to try. Reduce your exposure, eliminate it if possible; keep the phones away from your skin, and your kids; use headset, or speakerphone; and put the thing away when you can. In 20 years from now, you and your children will be thankful for the decisions that you make today, right now. Also, reduce your exposure to radiation even further, visit our store and select from an array of radiation protection products that will help reduce radiation in your household.

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