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Hydration + EMF: Structured Water

As a recap, EMFs are radiation fields created by electricity that travels from and within our electrical devices (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, speakers, etc.). Since the beginning of the 2000s, we’ve been increasingly exposed to such fields as we transition into a life unimaginable without such technology. As a result, it’s estimated that around 3-5% of the world’s population is developing EHS (Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or in other words, allergic reactions to technology) mostly from routers in their homes and mobile phones that we now are glued to.

As we’re in the midst of summer, hydration is as hot a topic as the weather. How many times have you heard someone say “Make sure you drink enough water and stay hydrated!”. But what if we told you it’s not only the quantity of water you drink but also the quality of it that matters? Even more interestingly, EMFs and hydration have a connection!

Let’s backtrack first – all water on a molecular level has a hexagonal structure. Structured water is normally found near hydrophilic (water-loving) surfaces such as waterfalls and aquifers. Basically, this structured water is made up of hexagonal sheet-like structures of oxygen and hydrogen, and it actually can store energy like a battery. As discovered by scientists in recent years, structured water actually grows and changes by absorbing radiant energy.

EMF Radiation and Its Effects on Water: An Emerging Field of Study

This also means that the structure is highly sensitive to external factors such as EMF radiation, pollution, and even human emotion. This is similar to how we humans react to EMFs with oxidative stress – where in the long run, our biological systems change as a result. So when water comes into contact with EMFs (low or high frequency), the water also experiences a sort of “stress” and becomes unstructured consequently.

Furthermore, if we take water that has been mechanically filtered and treated with a plethora of chemicals resulting in contamination, the water’s structure is also changed. This unstructured water, unfortunately, has a reduced capability to absorb into cells and help with cellular hydration in the same way that the right ‘structured’ water may. Also, when the body is then transitioning into a state of cellular dehydration, this then results in a higher likelihood of experiencing stress at any of these frequencies. This would mean that the body is then not as able to fix the consequential damage from such cellular hydration – in other words, this is yet another vicious cycle.

Water is Life: Structured Water in our Electromagnetic Bodies

Why is this important for us? Well – with 55-60% of our bodies being made of water, and our brains being 73% water, we need to stay as hydrated as possible at all times – by drinking 2 to 3L a day. So we not only have to be cautious of the water that we drink in bottles – but also how the water that’s in our body is affected by such external factors.

But if the water we drink is unstructured or highly impacted by external factors, we aren’t able to reap the full benefits of hydration including:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Improvement in concentration and attention
  • Increased memory
  • Weight loss and maintenance improvement
  • Longer life promoted
  • Ability to stabilize sugar levels

Scientists have also found that structured water is better absorbed by our body cells than unstructured water – someone drinking the latter can still end up feeling dehydrated because of the quality of water being inadequate. But where exactly does structured water come from? It’s actually the purest form of water, that is enriched with minerals and comes directly from the original stream of water (think waterfalls).

Creating Electromagnetic Hydration Habits

Given this, how can you incorporate more structured water into your daily life? There are a couple of steps you can take. For example:

  • Consider drinking filtered or mineralized water: this can help reduce the contamination of water and improve its quality.
  • Avoid rehydrating with sugared drinks: Sugar-filled drinks only end up making you feel more dehydrated and can spike your blood sugar levels in the short run.
  • Incorporate electrolytes into your diet: When you include electrolytes with a good quantity of water, it can up the electric charge across your cell’s membrane. This enables water to pass through the membrane more effectively, meaning it flows where it’s most needed for best functioning. In other words, your cells will now be able to be hydrated more easily. Adjust more or less depending on your activities and lifestyle.
  • Consume structured water – this is the most ideal option, and lucky for you, data is demonstrating how Aires devices can help with that.

Aires Tech’s EMF Protection Relationship to Water

The first generations of Aires products were tested: a) Aires Shield, b) Aires Defender, and c) Aires AquaCluster. The experiment was performed using a circuit to identify any change in the conductive current of the test compared to the control after exposure to an electrical charge. The initial readings were the “control” readings, and after the first pair of water samples were drained and replaced, the new readings were compared to the former. If there was a significant change in the readings, the test would provide evidence that the water’s conductivity and thus, the structure definitely changed. The results demonstrated the opposite – for all 3 samples, the structure of the water was exactly the same – providing evidence that our products are highly effective in protecting water against EMFs radiated from our electronic devices.

Hopefully, this blog provided you with some extra insight into why not only drinking water matters but also why its quality, minerals, and electrolytes play a huge role in the conversation.