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How to Talk About EMFs + Aires

If you have ever tried to explain EMFs and how you are protecting yourself with Aires Tech, you know that it may not always be an easy conversation. Whether they are skeptical, you do not have the right words to fully explain, or something else, we are here to give you a straightforward guide to help ease these talks.


What Are EMFs?

Put simply, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are areas of energy that come from both natural and electronic sources. Sometimes referred to as electromagnetic radiation (EMR), natural sources include the sun, and even our own bodies. But in this conversation, we are referring to technogenic EMFs, which are produced by our electronics as well as the infrastructure that supports them. Examples of electronics that emit EMR or EMF include our smartphones, computers, TVs, wi-fi routers, and much more. Basically, anything that requires a connection to a power source, to the internet, to a cell tower, or to Bluetooth, is creating an EMF.


What Is the Problem with EMFs?

A vast number of studies have pointed to potentially harmful biological effects from exposure to EMFs. Essentially, EMF acts as a stressor to your nervous and hormonal systems, which alters proper bodily function on a day to day basis. Additionally, in the last 20 years alone, the amount of exposure to electronic sources of EMF/EMR has exponentially grown as technology has advanced. The research done on the negative health impacts does not fully cover the reality that our everyday electronics have on our bodies. With the continuous and ever increasing exposure, the cumulative effect can play a significant a role in your long term health.


How Does Aires Help?

Our product is a simple and effective solution, designed with scientifically proven nanotechnology to neutralize the negative impact of EMFs on your body. Yes, you can try to block the radiation, but with Aires, you can continue using your electronics with no disruption to your lifestyle. Whether you are sensitive to the radiation or not, Aires is like an insurance policy for the long term health of you and your household.