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What Mobile Devices Emit the Most Radiation?

It is important to watch for the radiation that comes out of a mobile device. As convenient and vital as our smartphones and tablets can be, they can create dangerous magnetic fields of radiation that can be harmful to our bodies over time. This can result in some serious problems depending on what might come about.

Mobile Phones When Compared With Other Items

Mobile phones typically produce electromagnetic radiation waves from 900MHz to 2.4GHz. This is dramatically higher than the 54 to 700MHz that you would get from television signals. It is clearly greater than the nearly 100MHz waves of radiation that come from an FM radio signal.

This shows that a mobile device is clearly going to be a risky device when it comes to radiation. This can create more damages to your body over time when you are exposed to it for far too long.

High-End Models Create More Radiation

It is easier to find more radiation out of many high-end mobile devices. These include options like the Motorola Droid Maxx and Kyocera Kona.

The specific absorption rate, or SAR, is often used to identify how much radiation can be taken in when a device is used. When the rate is higher, the body will absorb more radiation energy. This can create serious threats to your body.

The Motorola Droid Maxx has been found to have a SAR level of 1.54. This means that 1.54 watts of energy will be absorbed for every kilogram of body weight. In other words, you are taking in a very large amount of radiation from a phone that is a little more powerful.

What About Weaker Options?

Some phones generate very little radiation but they tend to be less powerful and functional. The Verkool Vortext RS90 is a good example of this. It has an SAR level of 0.18. This should be easier for your body to handle but at the same time the phone isn’t going to do too much when compared to other options.

This is an unfortunate consideration in that you are essentially trading in features in your phone for the safety of your body. Whether a phone with more functions and less radiation will ever be released is unclear although there is always the hope that something positive can happen.

How Powerful Is a Router?

A Wi-Fi router can especially be powerful. This is needed to make your mobile devices work but it can also generate quite a bit of radiation. It can produce microwave-level radiation levels something to what you would get out of that particular appliance. In fact, the radiation is several times higher than what you would find in a television broadcast signal or an MRI.

The amount of radiation that comes out of a mobile device is important to consider. You have to look properly as there are plenty of great devices out there but at the same time the ones that produce less radiation are not as functional. It may not be all that easy for you to find a good option without making sacrifices on either end.