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EMF Exposure in Cars: What You Should Know


You reading about EMF means you have probably heard about the damaging effects of EMF radiation. You know you have to reduce your exposure to the different sources of this emission, including cell phones, iPads, WiFi, and microwave ovens, among many others. Also, you know you should not buy a house near a cell tower, high-tension power lines, or any industrial equipment coughing out a large amount of radiation. But do you know that EMF exposure in cars is a daily risk?

This often-overlooked source of EMF radiation is one of the biggest sources of EMF radiation in our lives. Automobiles come in different types, including gas, diesel, electric, hybrid vehicles, etc. and they are all made of different components, which means the level of exposure will vary significantly.

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So, let’s talk about what you should know about your car and EMF radiation, the sources of EMF emissions, the different types of vehicles the level of exposure you get from them, and how to protect yourself from these harmful emissions.

Sources of EMF Radiation In Automobiles

The past decade has witnessed a significant advancement in the technology of our automobiles. Automobiles are now equipped with sophisticated devices and functionalities for convenience, safety, and luxury. Sadly, as these technological devices advance, so is the radiation danger of these automobiles.

Features like Bluetooth, radar, WiFi hotspots, communications, computer systems, etc., constantly emit an immense amount of EMF radiation. This applies to all cars, including diesel, gas, electric, and hybrid. These features also mean your car plays host to elevated levels of virtually all the main fields, such as electric, magnetic, radio frequency, and dirty electricity.

Electrical Wirings In Cars

Today, almost everything in a car is automated. With a single button press, you can perform different functions in your car, including rolling down the windows, controlling the seats, locking the cars, controlling the air conditioning, and others. All of this is made possible through the connection of wires, including fuel pumps, ventilation fans, tire pressure sensors, headlights, engine fans, and more.

Safe to say that wires run through every part of your car and carry an electric field. And it contributes to the density of the electromagnetic fields in your car. Exposure to EMF radiation has been associated with different health problems, including extremes like leukemia and brain tumors.

More so, cars have now been equipped with various radio-frequency (RF) emitting devices, especially cars manufactured since 2010. Although installed for safety and convenience, these devices steadily exude varying levels of radiofrequency radiation.

RF is a form of non-ionizing radiation, and it’s at the low end of the electromagnetic field. Unlike diesel and gas cars, electric and partly hybrid cars are ridden with devices capable of emitting RF radiation. A review of studies published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RF radiation as a potential human carcinogen.

In a 2020 Yale study, elevated thyroid cancer risk was found in people exposed to this RF radiation, which is also the type of radiation your cell phones emit. In fact, RF radiation has also been associated with increased risks of tumors and other health problems.

Car Batteries

Another powerful source of EMF radiation in automobiles is the batteries. To be clear, electric and hybrid vehicles will expose you to higher levels of EMF radiation than your diesel and gas cars.

Gas and diesel-powered cars probably just need batteries to ignite the engine, and the batteries they use don’t emit EMF radiation. Conversely, electric cars need batteries for virtually everything, and hybrid vehicles partly need batteries to function. Also, the batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles are larger than in gas or diesel-powered cars.

The position of these batteries is the first major concern with these vehicles. Gas and diesel cars have batteries located far from the driver and passenger’s seat. Electric and hybrid vehicles’ batteries are placed close to the seats, and some are even positioned directly under the passenger’s seat. This would mean increased EMF exposure in cars exuded by these large batteries.

As we have established, these electric cars use AC batteries instead of the conventional DC batteries in most gas and diesel vehicles. Ordinarily, AC batteries produce quite a considerable amount of electromagnetic field, which, on long-term exposure, could trigger some health problems in humans.

While charging your electric vehicles, they produce a substantial amount of dirty energy that has been found to trigger different inflammatory responses in humans. Also, AC emits temporary fields of DC when changing currents, especially when the car starts. This temporary field can trigger adverse biological responses in EMF-sensitive people. Charging these vehicles produces another round of EMF radiation.

Although electric and hybrid vehicles may expose you to higher levels of EMF radiation, gas and diesel cars also come with levels of EMF exposure. Alternators, fuel pumps, spark plugs, turning motors, batteries, and wires running throughout the car contribute a certain level of EMF radiation. The accumulation of these emissions can trigger adverse effects on human health, including effects on male fertility.

Conclusively, regardless of the type of car you use, you are exposed to a certain level of electromagnetic radiation. The spinning tires generate a certain level of extremely low frequency (ELF), usually below 20 Hz. Well, you cannot stop driving cars. They are an important part of our lives. Hence, you are responsible for protecting yourself and your loved ones from these damaging emissions.

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Type of Vehicle

Depending on the type of car you have, you may be exposed to a higher or lower level of EMF radiation. EMF exposure in cars has to do with a myriad of factors such as the type of car battery, your proximity to technological devices such as GPS systems, and more. Read about the differences between Electric Cars, Hybrid Cars, and Self Driving Cars in the respective blog links to learn more about your exposure and what you can do to minimize it moving forward. If you’re looking to buy a new car, it might be important to take radiation into consideration ways to mitigate it.

EMF Protection in Your Car

Understanding daily exposures to EMF, like that in your car, is the first step in combatting the dangers. Aires Tech is here to help eliminate EMF hazards. Try incorporating one of our Lifetune products into your daily routine.

Our top suggestions when it comes to protection in the car? Wearing the Lifetune Go or Flex every day, or at least while you’re out and about! The Lifetune Zone is a great option to keep in your car as a semi-permanent fixture working to protect from EMF!

Read more about how you can minimize your exposure here and how GPS systems can play a role here.

Updated on: July 6th, 2023

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