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EMF Exposure at Schools

  • More than 29 million mobile computers are in U.S. schools, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones

  • These computer devices bring convenience, like every other form of technology but also, ease of access to materials and resources make them almost inevitable in schools today.

  • Children are more susceptible to EMF radiation because of their not-fully developed physiological systems.

  • Conclusively, schools are hotbeds for EMF exposure. Safe to say, every device in and around the school environment is capable of emitting different levels of EMF radiation. So, there is a need to regulate or reduce exposure.

In 2018, tech companies shipped more than 29 million mobile computers to U.S. schools, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Evidently, technological devices have become an integral part of our schooling system. In 2023, it was a whopping 68 million laptops shipped globally!

Almost everything in schools has become automated, and the use of computers and other devices brings not only convenience, like every other technology but also, the ease of access to related materials and resources make them almost inevitable in schools today.

Unfortunately, all of these devices are also potential sources of EMF radiation. In fact, the level of non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation from cell phones, which is one of the devices commonly used in schools, is enough to precipitate health damage. But that’s not even the scary part!

Children are more susceptible to EMF radiation because of their developing physiological systems. Also, higher levels of EMF exposure have been found to have more damaging effects on human health. Therefore, children are at even greater risk of becoming victims of EMF radiation than adults.

However, the level of exposure varies with different stages of schooling; elementary, high school, and college. Hence, we will consider these three stages of schooling, examine their levels of exposure, and how they can impact children’s health.

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EMF Exposure In Elementary Schools

Thanks to advances in neurosciences in recent decades, we now know that, just like developing bodies, developing brains are more susceptible to injuries and illnesses. The same goes for EMF exposures; long-term exposure to EMF radiation is more detrimental to children due to their vulnerability.

Although cell phones and other technological devices might be reduced in this demographic of children, cell phone towers and installed WI-FI networks put them even at a greater risk of EMF exposure.

Cell phone towers are a common sight around the school environment. You find them close to school compounds, and some are placed right in the school environment. Radiation from this source can affect children in different ways.

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For instance, the brain of humans requires an extended period of growth due to its complexities and size. And although 64% of the size of an infant’s brain is developed within the first 90 days of birth, the development continues into early adulthood. This would mean that children have smaller heads than adults, as such, a shorter distance between the skull and the brain center.

That explains the increased risk of brain damage from injury in children including damages resulting from exposure to EMF radiation.

Since children’s skulls are much thinner than adults, they have much less protection. Exposure to EMF radiation can penetrate deeper into their brain. This exposure has been associated with cancer development later in life, including glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

More so, a more disturbing source of radiation in elementary schools is the Wi-Fi devices. Wifi installations operating at 2450 MHz produce a higher amount of radiation than cell phone towers operating typically at 1900 MHz, which means there is an increased level of exposure from this source, invariably leading to an increased threat to children’s health.

Exposure to radiofrequency radiation has been associated with adverse biological effects, including headache, fatigue, ocular dysfunction, dizziness, sleep disorders, dermographism, tumors, blood changes, reproductive and cardiovascular abnormalities, depression, irritability, and memory impairment.

Considering the not-fully developed physiological systems of this demographic, you’d agree the dangers resulting from exposure to EMF radiation are heightened.

EMF Exposure at High Schools

Cell phones, tablets, and laptops are common devices children in high school use. That means, combined with the WIFI installation devices and cell phone towers, these devices add to the density of EMF radiation children are exposed to.

Cell phones emit low levels of radio frequency energy, a type of non-ionizing radiation. The effects of this form of radiation on human brains have been an area of interest for decades.

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A study found that RF-EMF can elicit changes in central nervous system nerve cells, including neuronal cell apoptosis and changes in the nerve myelin and ion channels. The extent of this damage depends on the frequency and intensity of the exposure. As you already know, pretty much everything high school children do is online, from class activities to assignments. Especially during the pandemic, the use of online activities skyrocketed with everything turning virtual.

More importantly, the use of social media among this demography is on the rise. A survey shows that ninety percent of teens ages 13-17 have used social media. All of this point to the fact that cell phone usage among high school children is heightened, which means increased exposure to EMF radiation, increased intensity, and hence, increased level of damage resulting from the exposure.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reviewed the published literature and categorized RFR as a “possible” (Group 2B) human carcinogen. Also, in male high school children, radiation from cell phones has been shown to lower sperm counts and significantly impair sperm motility and morphology, including mitochondrial DNA damage.

Apparently, the reliance of high school children on these technological devices poses a great danger to them and their health.

EMF Exposure at College

At college, the level of EMF exposure is as diverse as it is worrying. Campus is a hot spot for EMF, with radiation emitting devices surrounding students. Additionally, much of the work done off campus requires the use of some form of technology.

College students usually either stay on campus or outside the campus. The first threat of EMF exposure is cell phone base stations. Apart from campuses having cell phone base stations situated close by, some students also live around cell phone base stations.

Cell phone base stations emit a large amount of radiation that has been associated with so many adverse biological effects, including being “likely carcinogenic to humans” and may cause glioma, a kind of brain cancer, according to the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

More so, low levels of radio frequency energy emissions from cell phones have been associated with deleterious effects on sperm parameters, such as sperm count, morphology, motility, and stability. It also affects cellular metabolism and the endocrine system, producing genotoxicity and genomic instability.

On women’s reproductive health, long-term exposure to cell phone radiation has been shown to affect their ability to conceive. It affects ovarian activity in women, thereby resulting in infertility. Additionally, Wi-Fi devices’ emissions have been associated with decreased plasma prolactin and estrogen levels and increased uterine oxidative stress in pregnant women.

Another study suggests that energy from low-frequency EMF radiation may precipitate neurological and psychiatric problems in humans.

Some other biological effects include headaches, anxiety, depression, nausea, fatigue, and loss of libido. Apart from the exposure in school, there are also different sources of EMF radiation in the hostels. Some of which include microwave ovens, television and hair dryers, and washing machines, among others.

All of these emit varying levels of EMF radiation and contribute to the level of exposure to this damaging emission. Increased levels of EMF radiation have been implicated with DNA damage.

Conclusively, all places of education have become hot beds for EMF exposure. Safe to say, every device in and around the school environment is capable of emitting different levels of EMF radiation. Ordinarily, the effects of this exposure on adults are devastating, and when you consider that younger people are more vulnerable due to their underdeveloped systems, the effects of EMF radiation become even more worrisome.

Hence, although it may seem almost impossible to do without these devices, children should be protected as much as possible from exposure to EMF radiation.

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Updated: July 24, 2023