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Computer electromagnetic radiation: facts

Computer EMF information

These days it is next to impossible to live without both a cellphone and a computer. What we don’t consider while using these devices for hours on end every day is how they can harm us in the long run. In order to reduce the radiation levels you are exposed to, it is important keep a physical distance from your computer, your TV, your cellphone etc. Your devices emit powerful electromagnetic fields (EMFs) which pose potential health risks. It’s important to learn the cellphone and laptop electromagnetic radiation facts, given that everybody has them.

Then and now

Back in the day, TVs used to have cathode ray tubes (CRTs), but studies have since shown that CRTs produce x-rays. Today’s flat screen LCDs and LEDs do not use CRT technology and produce no x-rays. The FDA regulates products that emit radiation based on the understanding that even the smallest number of x-rays are harmful. Today, it’s important that we continue to learn computer electromagnetic radiation facts and continue to up our protection as

Health risks: computer electromagnetic radiation facts

It has been shown that EMF strength decreases as you move farther away from an electronic device. Studies show that exposure above two milliGaus (mG) begins to harm human organs. If you are three feet away your exposure is less, of course, than if you have a laptop resting in your lap; in this case, exposure is over 20 mG! This level of exposure has been linked to many diseases, including asthma, cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression, and heart disease.

UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) used in offices produce the largest EMFs of all. The best idea is to keep a distance of at least 4 feet from these devices. Learn more about radiation and minimize your exposure to harmful rays! Your best bet is to first understand the computer EMF information out there and find out how much are you being exposed to. Visit our store to shop powerful protective devices today!

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