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Back to Office : EMF Exposure in the Work Place

  • – Going back to the office has both negative and positive effects after what seems a lifetime of a pandemic
  • – We will now be exposed to a plethora of devices that emit EMFs including computers, microwaves, routers, mobile phones, and more
  • – Possible short-term effects of this radiation can include dizziness, fatigue, headaches, loss of concentration
  • – Ways to combat this can include investing in EMF protective technology, taking breaks and trying to limit the number of devices on hand

Now that the pandemic is (hopefully!) coming to an end, many of us will be returning to the office in person. This means we’ll be having fewer zoom meetings and the usual “Can you hear me” back and forths! Along with these positive effects, there may be some other things we may have to be wary of as we transition back into the workplace.

As mentioned before, a big effect of using screens for long periods is the EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) radiation they emit, which can affect our quality of sleep, and our vision and can eventually result in oxidative stress and the onset of several diseases in the long run. There are many sources of radiation through devices that emit EMFs in the workplace specifically, including computers, microwaves, wifi routers, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, and wifi-compatible printers. The amount of exposure will depend on where you work and the time frame that you interact with these devices. During WFH (work from home), you’d only have 1-2 devices for 1 person, but in the workplace, there’s a huge host of devices for a number of people, which can infinitely increase the radiation. The possible immediate effects of this radiation include headaches, dizziness, memory loss, eye lack of concentration, and burnout. All of which have an impact on our ability to be as productive as we possibly can.

There are ways you can mitigate this, however. First off, you can take frequent breaks to ensure you are not constantly staring at a screen. You can also try to keep a distance from some devices such as your phone that you may not need during intense work. For when you can’t help but stay at your desk/computer, you can use personal and device products to help alleviate the radiation effects.

For instance, the Lifetune Personal have 50 sq ft of protection and can be worn around your neck or placed on a desk or in your office. The Lifetune Device offers 6 sq ft which can be stuck onto one or all of your most-used electronics such as your laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet. If you know you’ll be putting in a number of screentime hours, investing in a bundle would be ideal. They’re perfect for use at home or in the workplace and you’d be able to snap up a bargain with a discount!

Investing in these products just as you re-enter the in-person workplace will help you stay focused and away from harmful radiation effects to ensure you’re able to work at your peak performance.