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Aires Tech Response to Digital Trends Article

Back in September of 2021, an article published on Digital Trends titled ‘Inside the strange and scammy world of anti-5G accessories‘ listed Aires Tech as one of these products. While we did not publicly address the article previously, since the commentary in the article is unfounded, our CRO did send a letter to the author to clear up the confusion. The author did not respond to our offer to allow him to test the products for himself, and the article continues to circulate causing confusion for our customers.

The article quotes our CEO and founder, but he was not interviewed by the author. The quote points to a genuine concern, as many experts agree that more research is needed on the impact of the increase in exposure to EMF. Additionally, experts across the globe believe the rapid push for 5G technologies lead to an ignorance and neglect for thorough safety testing.

We recognize that there have been and still are many “scammy” products in this category. That is why we strive to be transparent with our technology, research, patents, and efficacy tests. There will always be skeptics, and we do not disregard their concern when looking for a product that truly works. We are always open to having an open dialogue, answering questions, and coming to mutual understanding within the EMF community and beyond.

Please read the letter our CRO wrote to the author of the Digital Trends article below:


Mr. Agarwal,

I am writing in response to your recent article titled “inside the strange and scammy world of anti-5G accessories”. There is no doubt the product category we fit into has a murky past filled with all kinds of questionable products, marketing tactics and people. Much of it preys on fear, insecurities and facts mingled with fiction. Add to that, the inconclusive and oftentimes conflicting position government agencies and other “trusted” sources take on the harmful effects of long-term exposure to EMR further fuel the uncertainty and distrust. Even with the growing body of science and evidence that conclude long term exposure to EMR are harmful, we tend to encourage people to do their own research and decide for themselves the level of caution, if any, they choose to take. For those people that prefer to err on the side of caution, our mission is to build products that work and be a source of trust and confidence in a category where few exist.

As a company, we deeply respect and appreciate independent journalism. We recognize the important role journalists play in shaping culture as well as the opportunity and to some extent, responsibility you have to lead world-changing conversations. Today, more than ever, journalists like yourself, are faced with a similar maze of challenges. Just like our category, media and journalism is filled with questionable products, marketing tactics and people. Much of it preys on fear, insecurities and facts mingled with fiction. Although you do not sell a physical product your product comes in the form of clickbait headlines, inaccurate and poorly researched articles all in pursuit of clicks and impressions.

We tend to steer away from unproductive conversations and prefer to engage in dialogue that move ideas and people forward. As a result, we are consistently engaged in conversations with people across the globe that have wide ranging points of view. These conversations help us understand how to better connect with people where both sides feel supported, are informed and educated, and build a mutual respect. This is rarely easy, and it does require both sides to deploy empathy, honesty and stick to the facts.

Your article is filled with inaccuracies regarding our product and company. It is not a fact-based representation at all. In fact, it reads more like the aforementioned questionable people we both are actively trying to escape the shadow of – mixing facts with fiction. Rather than go line by line through your article and debate you on each inaccurate or false statement, we suggest an alternative. We suggest we connect for a real interview where you can ask real questions and get real quotes. We also suggest we send you some products that you can test on yourself. We can arrange for you to meet with a Neurologist in your area or other qualified EEG technician to measure your body’s response to EMR exposure with and without our product. Counter to what you published, the product has been extensively tested and validated by independent agencies in multiple countries. These results have been peer reviewed and, in some cases, the peer reviews have been peer reviewed. This multi-year, rigorous testing process was a necessary requirement for us as a publicly traded company. Further, as a publicly traded company, our product reputation and credibility is of utmost importance which is why we have made all of the tests, peer reviews etc available to the public on our site.

We are confident you will be able to replicate the same results that all others have concluded.

Again, it is not our mission to convince you that long term exposure to EMF/EMR is harmful, there are many others that are better at that than us. What we will do is discuss the product, how it works, why it works, the origins, and hopefully, discuss your own test results.

We appreciate your time and hope to hear from you.


Josh Bruni

Chief Revenue Officer

Aires Tech