Overcoming Tech-Induced Health Challenges | Delaney Dill

Overcoming Tech-Induced Health Challenges | Delaney Dill

Guest contributor Delaney Dill (@wellnesswithdelaney) faced unexpected health challenges caused by constant tech exposure. Struggling with anxiety, migraines, and fatigue, Delaney turned to Aires Tech devices for relief. Discover how this breakthrough led her to a transformative path towards better health and a more balanced life.

How It All Started

When I graduated college and started working remotely, I knew the extensive hours on screens would be difficult, but I had no idea that constant exposure to tech would take such a toll on my health.

In 2020 I graduated with a degree in Health Sciences and certification in Health and Wellness Coaching. I was so excited to shift from teaching group fitness for a living to taking on my first corporate health coaching job! It was fully remote, as most jobs were at the time. While I loved that my commute was about 5 steps from my bedroom to my office, the biggest challenge was the fact that my days were now spent in front of my work laptop, monitor, personal laptop, and cellphone. 

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EMF’S Impact on my Health and Wellness

Within the first couple weeks at my new grownup job, I began to feel chronic anxiety - to the point of tears - several days per week. I would feel my heart begin to race at random times of the day. I felt like a dam trying to hold back a tidal wave of panic and there seemed to be nothing I could do to stop it from happening.

Then migraines, fatigue, and eye irritation began shortly after as well. I would end each day with raging pain in my brain which made it really hard to not only do my job, but function outside of it. The adrenal crashes left my body feeling like it was filled with lead. My brain was tired, and so were my bones. My eyes were so irritated that they would tear up and swell shut on a daily basis. I tried fixing my eye problems by wearing blue light glasses but it became pretty clear that there was something deeper going on when I found no relief.

I was so unhealthy at this time that I found it hard to eat, sleep, or function in society. The irony was never lost on me that while I was battling my health, I was also coaching clients with diabetes and heart disease, helping them cultivate healthy lives! I lost about 15 pounds (as someone who was already very lean, it was problematic), developed debilitating insomnia, and genuinely just didn’t feel like myself.

I remember lying awake at night, unable to fall asleep because my mind was racing a million miles per minute. This only worsened the vicious cycle I was in because we all know how important sleep is for our mental and physical health.

Then came the black mold. One day while cleaning my apartment at the time, I discovered black mold growing in the wall behind my bed. I knew this was dangerous, but it wasn’t until I conducted some research of my own that I discovered that black mold can become more aggressive and reactive in the presence of EMF - AKA all my tech devices. These paired with the mold were wreaking havoc on my health. I began to put two and two together and realized that all my tech devices were destroying my health, as was the constant mold exposure. The two together were a nasty combination.

Wellness Coach Delaney Dill in her kitchen

 Image Source: Delaney Dill

Discovering Aires Tech

Then one day I received an email from Aires Tech, a company that I previously had never heard of. Since I did social media content on the side, they reached out to make an introduction and sent over some EMF modulators for me to try. This was pure providence. I placed the LifeTune One on my laptop and LifeTune Zone in my home office and immediately noticed a difference in my ability to function throughout the day without panic attacks, debilitating fatigue, or migraines. It was almost too good to be true!

At first I was skeptical, I’ll admit it. But when I saw the images of brain scans conducted with and without EMF modulators from Aires Tech, I knew it wasn’t placebo - I was truly protecting myself from all the harmful effects of my tech devices.


Over the past couple years that I have worked alongside Aires Tech, I quit my corporate job to pursue social media full time, moved to a new condo without black mold (Hallelujah!), and have slowly accumulated Aires Tech EMF modulators for all of my devices and rooms in my home. I now have a LifeTune Zone in every room of my condo! Where my home used to feel overstimulating, headache inducing, and chaotic, I now am told by almost every guest who walks into my home that they can’t believe how calming my space is- it’s as if it destimulates their overstimulated brains and bodies! I always attribute it to the fact that people are used to walking around in a state of chaos with the frequencies emitted by their iphones, apple watches, bluetooth headphones, etc., and are experiencing a break from the cellular stress for potentially the first time in their adult life!

I think the biggest difference that I feel with Aires Tech EMF modulators is in my mental health. I still work on tech devices quite a bit but I feel a general sense of calmness and harmony in my own life, brain, and body. I didn’t realize how badly EMF was affecting me until I experienced EMF protection. I also feel so much peace knowing that my husband and rescue dog both get to live in a home that is full of EMF modulators- I know this benefits their health as much as it does mine! It has truly been a profound improvement in my own life, which is why I so passionately and frequently share it with those around me. 

Wellness Coach Delaney Dill with her Lifetune device

Image Source: Delaney Dill

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