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Research Review : Study Shows Impressive Results in Sleep Quality When Canceling EMF

  • The research aims to study the blood plasma concentration of certain biological components response to sleep in men and women against the effects of Electromagnetic radiation.

  • The study used two groups of test participants – one group used an EMF-protection device for two months – the other group slept on normal beds for the same period.

  • The results in the blood plasma showed an increase in good hormones responsible for sleep and happiness in those who used the EMF-cancelation bed system for two months, while there was no change in those that slept on their normal beds.

  • This study once again verifies the usefulness and importance of EMF-protection devices from Aires Tech and the health benefits you stand to enjoy in the long run.


Recently, human’s vulnerability and the health risks attached to EMF radiation exposure have been among the leading topics in the scientific world. Several private and public health organizations are now paying great attention to this silent destroyer in our environment, and efforts are being put to salvage the damages.

In addition, numerous health research studies about the dangers of EMF radiation, how certain devices can help protect man from the harmful effects of the radiation, and how technology gadgets emit EMF radiation have been published.

Health experts are also including new studies that can help analyze the dangers in online medical journals. This article contains the breakdown of one of these studies and the corresponding results gathered. We will take a quick look at the effect of EMF-cancelation bed on sleep quality.

The study

Research has shown that natural sources emit Electromagnetic radiation since the dawn of time. We have always been exposed to a healthy amount of this non-harmful radiation since civilization. However, human advancement and the development of technological devices have increased the amount of these radiations to a dangerous level.

With an unjust level of radiation constantly being emitted and absorbed by humans, the results on the body’s biological components have not been as positive as it has been observed to tamper with the body’s homeostatic systems. This system is responsible for sleep and major functions of the body. Hence, the reason for the increase in reported cases of insomnia and sleeplessness in society.

The study, Improvement of several stress response and sleep quality hormones in men and women after sleeping in a bed that protects against electromagnetic fields by E Díaz‑Del Cerro, J Félix, JAF Tresguerres, and M De la Fuente talks about emitted electromagnetic fields and their effects to the homeostatic system of man. Using a bed with a HOGO system that helps and prevents EMF radiation, the study observed the biological functions of the test persons for further analysis.

Since EMF radiation from our phones, laptops, smart meters, and even cables constantly emits a considerable amount of radiation to the environment, we are unable to control how much we absorb, even in our sleep. The study chose to use a HOGO system — in this case, and it refers to a specially made bed with an EMF-cancellation technology that protects you from these emitted radiations. Hence the test subjects can sleep naturally without the limiting or inhibitory effects of the constantly emitted EMF rays.

In return, the body undergoes a transformational change as it no longer absorbs EMF radiation for some time (two months). This research aims to study the blood concentrations of several hormones related to stress response and sleep quality and to corroborate the rejuvenation of their biological age.

The research method

The research process involved 28 men and women whose biological chemicals were analyzed before and after using the HOGO bed system for two months. The chemicals to be studied are the plasma concentration of cortisol, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), catecholamines (epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine), serotonin, oxytocin, and melatonin, which are all responsible for certain processes in the homeostatic system of the body, and the ages of the people involved are within the range of 23-73 years.

The test participants were divided into two groups: one group consisting of 18 people used the HOGO system beds that help isolate EMF radiations and drain out any existing ones, and the other participants (n=10) slept on their regular beds. In addition to the 28 aforementioned participants, the concentration of cortisol and testosterone in another group consisting of 25 men sleeping in the HOGO rest system was studied. To ensure the results were accurate, the test participants had similar characteristics as regards social class, education, lifestyle, and, most importantly, sleeping habits.

What is the HOGO bed?

The HOGO bed is an EMF-cancellation bed system that consists of a customized, articulated box spring and adaption system for each body part. The bed’s mattress is made with natural materials like coconut fibers, bamboo, and organic cotton with an in-built patented technology that removes EMF.

The pillow is also made with natural latex woven with graphite and silver mesh and patented technology for removing EMFs. The blanket is made of Merina wool tested and flaky to prevent allergies and improve oxygenation. The HOGO rest system is connected to the building ground system for the easy removal of residual and accumulated EMFs in the person during the day.

The Research process

The volunteers were first randomized into one HOGO bed or rest system. The HOGO bed and rest systems were installed in the room of each volunteer without tampering with the existing bedroom design to allow them to carry out their usual lifestyle. In addition, the Electromagnetic radiation of each room, including the walls, ceiling, floors, and furniture, was measured.

Before plugging in the HOGO system, the average EMF result was 990±270mV, after, it kept decreasing to 35±10mV until it reached the no-concern figure as stated by Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines for Sleeping Areas SBM-2008. Between 9:00 – 10:00 am, 12 mL of blood were obtained from each participant before and after sleeping on the HOGO bed and rest systems for better study.

The Results

The researchers measured the test participant’s neurotransmitters and hormones in the withdrawn plasma. After two months of resting on the HOGO system, there was a significant increase in the cortisol/DHEA concentration, suggesting a positive impact on the body’s homeostatic system.

In addition, there was also an increase in the results obtained for catecholamines, the plasma concentration of norepinephrine, and the results obtained for serotonin, oxytocin, and melatonin concentration in plasma, showing an increase in sleep hormones.

The test participants who did not sleep on the HOGO bed or rest systems had no change in their plasma concentration nor received a decrease in stress hormones.


This result is yet another proof that EMF radiation is a raging danger that is slowly gaining recognition in society. However, we fear its negative impacts might have caused substantial harm to many before it fully captures the attention of the entire populace.

The study above shows the blood plasma difference between those who used EMF-cancellation bed systems and those who slept on regular beds for two months. As expected, the blood plasma content showed an increase in hormones that regulate sleep, anxiety, and overall biological age in this who were protected, while there was no change in those who did not.

While we cannot all afford to get HOGO beds or carry them around, we can utilize portable EMF-cancellation products from Aires Tech to help protect ourselves from the dangers of EMF.