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Extremely low frequency fields - radiation protection still needed

Sources of radiation

Radiation occurs on a spectrum, from high-frequency to low-frequency, and comes from many sources. Many people think of dangerous radiation as coming from places like nuclear reactors, but there are many other types too, and they all act differently. Simply using electricity will expose you to extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation. The strongest exposure happens the closer you are to a source, and the strength of the source.

High-frequency radiation examples include x-rays, high energy UV radiation, and other ionizing radiation—meaning they have sufficient energy to remove an electron from an atom or molecule, therefore damaging DNA, and increasing cancer risks. Extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation is non-ionizing radiation, and has enough energy to disturb atoms in a molecule but not to ionize and damage DNA. Sources include TVs, powerlines, radio waves, and even natural, though far safer sources like the earth and sun. ELFS radiation protection is important for the maintenance of good health.

Should I be worried?

Electromagnetic radiation is made up of two parts: an electric field and a magnetic field. The link between electromagnetic fields and cancer has been a topic of debate for years. It’s not exactly clear how non-ionizing radiation increases the risk of cancer. The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) recommends that people limit their time spent near sources, but as we all know, this is not always possible. There are also ways to build shields on your home, but this can cost more than building a new home. Quality ELFS radiation protection is much more feasible.

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