RFK Jr. Addresses EMF Concerns at 2024 Summit Amid Presidential Campaign

As a lawyer and activist, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has proven his commitment to environmental wellness time and time again. This focus on environmental issues continues to play a prominent role in his 2024 presidential candidacy. Not only has he questioned industry tactics and spoken out about environmental wellness issues, but he has pursued litigation against groups engaging in practices that could potentially pose a threat to public health. Recently, he joined the many speakers at the 2024 EMF Hazards Summit to discuss issues surrounding EMFs. During the summit, he shared his experience fighting for more in-depth studies and stronger regulations to protect society from harmful exposure.

EMF Hazards Summit

The 2024 EMF Hazards Summit was a virtual event that took place from April 11-14. This summit brings together leading experts from various fields to discuss the latest research and advancements in electromagnetic fields and their impact on health and technology. This year, Kennedy spoke alongside nineteen other world-class experts, from medical doctors to attorneys to inventors. In addition to sharing strategies for how to mitigate risk from EMF exposure, Kennedy brought to light many of the underlying issues contributing to the rising concern surrounding EMFs.

Information Blackout

Stories of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) pollution don’t often make it to the front page. As Kennedy points out, the media is run by communication companies. Their bottom line is driven by people utilizing their devices and services. The higher the demand for quick connection, unlimited data, and newer devices – the more money in their pockets. They spend millions on advertising with different news reporting agencies, and as Kennedy states, “That kind of revenue is high enough for them to be able to dictate content on those news platforms.”

But as Kennedy mentions, the public is a collaborator in its own destruction. People love their phones and the access to everything they give us. Kennedy tells of a friend who claimed that he would still use his cell phone, even if there was a 50% chance of developing a brain tumor from it. Could it be that overall, the majority or the public is content not hearing about the potential dangers of EMF exposure?


World Health Organization Findings

While many groups have been quick to dismiss claims that EMFs pose a risk to human health, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC),a part of the World Health Organization, has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as a possible carcinogen to humans, specifically referring to an increased risk for a malignant brain tumor known as glioma. This study, published in 2011, concluded with IARC Director Christopher Wild claiming, “Given the potential consequences for public health of this classification and findings, it is important that additional research be conducted into the long‐term, heavy use of mobile phones. Pending the availability of such information, it is important to take pragmatic measures to reduce exposure such as hands-free devices or texting.”

Environmental Impacts

In the 1990’s, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began researching the impact of EMFs on human health. During this time, their research focused mainly on very low-level EMF output from power lines and household appliances. Kennedy states the division in charge of this research was dismantled, but it’s unclear as to why.

Anecdotal responses paint a grim picture of the environmental impact these cell towers have on wildlife. Kennedy recalls that people he has spoken with describe a land gone quiet. From insects to foxes to birds, life flees from their area after a tower appears. Injuries at every level of the ecosystem have been reported. Trees near cell towers wither. Some studies showed EMF impacting pollinators’ efficiency, threatening plant populations in affected areas.

A Growing Problem

In his interview, Kennedy brings to light a troubling reality. Groups with no health expertise are making determinations that impact public health. Corporations and agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are dictating regulations without taking possible consequences into consideration. In 2020, Kennedy took on the FCC through the U.S. Court of Appeals, challenging the FCC’s refusal to review their obsolete health guidelines established in 1996. With decades worth of new research, Kennedy calls for the FCC to start from scratch. However, the FCC continues to delay action, and in the meantime the industry is coating the world with more infrastructure.

Simultaneously, there is a lack of regulation with this unchecked growth. Kennedy points out that towers can pop up anywhere: outside hospitals, elementary schools, or a baby’s window. In many places, telecommunication companies do not have to give any prior notice before building towers. Furthermore, in places such as Los Angeles where notice is required, it’s given after the decision has already been made. Public participation has clearly not been part of the decision-making process. This leaves many feeling powerless in deciding what they are potentially exposing themselves and their families to.

Raising Awareness

Kennedy advocates for stricter regulations and greater public awareness to minimize exposure to EMFs and protect public health. He recently chatted with Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast about their potential impact of EMFs on human health. In this episode, Kennedy brought attention to the growing concerns surrounding EMF exposure and its correlation with various health ailments. The conversation explored the latest scientific research and anecdotal evidence, shedding light on the need for further investigation and awareness about the effects of EMFs. During their talk, Kennedy criticized the widespread adoption of technology without considering health consequences. Listeners can find the EMF discussion of this episode around the 1:10:00 mark.

Through his experience with EMF-related litigation, Kennedy has estimated that approximately 35% of the public has some level of RF or EMF sensitivity. Many of these individuals have reported feeling gaslit by the medical field. The lack of information in the mainstream media surrounding the impact of EMFs limits understanding. Kennedy works to raise awareness, using his own experience as well as working with the Children’s Health Defense as they fight cases all over the country for electro-sensitive individuals.

Making Informed Change

As technology continually expands and evolves, the conversations surrounding safe tech also need to expand and evolve. Kennedy is a strong advocate for stricter regulations and greater public awareness in order to minimize exposure to EMFs and protect public health. His efforts to raise awareness about EMFs through podcasts and the 2024 EMF Hazards Summit not only prompt further research, but also empower individuals to make informed decisions regarding their exposure to electromagnetic fields.