Developing Story: France Bans Sale of Apple iPhone 12

French regulators have halted sales of Apple’s iPhone 12 due to concerns over excessive radiation levels. This developing story out of France on September 12, 2023, may have extensive international repercussions and highlights the potential dangers of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) from everyday devices like smartphones.

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Understanding the French Ban on iPhone 12 for Excessive Radiation

France’s junior minister for the digital economy shared in an interview with Le Parisien that the National Frequency Agency, ANFR, has notified Apple of the sales ban decision. The iPhone 12’s Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) slightly exceeded the legal safety limits established in Europe. With plans to share their findings with regulators in other EU member states, ANFR’s decision could have a snowball effect and influence regulations across the European Union.

SAR measures the rate at which radiation is absorbed by the human body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field (EMF). According to some scientific studies, exposure to mobile phones at high SAR levels can increase the risk of certain forms of cancer. SAR has been used as the main measurement for regulatory bodies across the globe to set safety limits on electronic devices, however, this measurement only really matters when the device is close to the body. It does not account for the long-term effects and compounding impacts of constant, surrounding exposure to RF-EMF.

Learn more about what SAR is and why it may not be the most effective measurement here.

EU Countries React to France’s iPhone 12 Radiation Concerns

Now, as of Thursday, September 14th, 2023, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands have announced their plans to explore the health risks of the Apple iPhone 12 after all European Union member states were notified by the French regulator on Wednesday. France has given EU member states three months to provide their commentary on the matter.

Elsewhere in Europe, Italy’s regulators are not currently taking any action but plan to monitor the situation closely. The telecommunications regulator in Portugal ANACOM has stated they are analyzing the present situation and further developments in coordination with France. In the UK, they have not announced any plans to take action.

While French regulations often act as a guiding function for Europe, there doesn’t seem to be urgent action from the EU as a whole. According to the European Commission, they will wait for commentary and feedback from other EU countries before any widespread actions are taken.

Europe is the second biggest market for Apple after the Americas. The iPhone 12 is already a three-year-old model and is no longer available for purchase directly from Apple. The company has contested the French reports, claiming that the product was compliant with regulations on radiation and certified internationally at its release.

The iPhone 12 Recall: A Turning Point in EMF Awareness and Tech Responsibility

As the iPhone 12 recall unfolds in France and across Europe, the need for proactive action in reducing EMF exposure is clearer than ever before. The incident reveals that global tech giants are not exempt from being held responsible for any potential radiation risks their products may pose, which highlights our mission here at Aires Tech. An increased focus on EMF exposure and its potential dangers may have far-reaching consequences for tech titans like Apple. By providing solutions that help minimize EMF exposure to mobile devices, we want to empower all consumers to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The French agency’s decision to halt iPhone 12 sales sends a clear signal that EMFs are a problem that can no longer be ignored. It’s time for the public, tech companies, and regulators to recognize and adequately address the threat of EMFs. At Aires, we’re committed to paving the way forward with vital research, public awareness, and comprehensive solutions to keep you and your family safe.

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