Method for Protecting Biological Objects from the Negative Influence of Electromagnetic Radiation.

The document describes a method for protecting biological objects, such as the human body, from the negative effects of technogenic electromagnetic (EM) radiation across a wide range of frequencies. This is achieved by creating a special EM field in the form of a fractal coherent matrix around the biological object or between it and the source of technogenic EM radiation. The field is created using a fractal-matrix coherent converter, which is a self-affine lattice (resonator) formed from ringed topological lines. This lattice acts as a universal Fourier transformer, harmonizing various aspects of external technogenic radiation and the biological object's own EM radiation.

Key aspects of the method include:

1. Coherent Transformation

The external radiation and the biological object's inherent radiation are transformed into a coherent matrix of EM wave superpositions. This transformation is achieved without affecting the functioning of devices generating the EM radiation.

2. Placement of Coherent Converter

It can be placed on or next to the biological object, on the source of technogenic radiation, or between the two.

3. Resonant Harmonization

The process results in the transformation of technogenic EM radiation into a form that is not in conflict with the biological object, achieved through resonant harmonization in a coherent environment.

4. Methodology

The method changes the structure of the EM pulse from the radiation source into a safe form for the biological object, without losing its effectiveness.

5. Mathematical and Physical Principles

The method employs principles of holography, fractal structures, coherent wave superpositions, and self-affine transformations.

6. Experimental Validation

Various models and experiments are described, demonstrating the effectiveness of this method in transforming and harmonizing technogenic EM radiation.

7. Applications

The method is particularly relevant with the spread of 5G communication systems and aims to protect biological objects from the negative influence of broadband EM radiation, ensuring the interaction is conflict-free and safe.

The method presents a comprehensive approach to mitigate the negative effects of EM radiation using advanced concepts in physics and engineering, with potential wide-ranging applications in health and technology.