Dr. Drew and Aires Tech CEO Josh Bruni

Health Uncensored | Dr. Drew and Josh Bruni Discuss EMF Risks and Aires Tech Solutions

In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern technology, our reliance on electronic devices is greater than ever. From cell phones to wireless routers, these gadgets emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that permeate our everyday lives. But what are the potential health risks associated with constant EMF exposure?

In a recent episode of "Health Uncensored with Dr. Drew," Dr. Drew Pinsky hosts Josh Bruni, CEO of Aires Tech, to discuss the potential health risks of EMF exposure and Aires Tech's groundbreaking solutions. The episode sheds light on the invisible yet significant threat posed by  EMFs, which are emitted by everyday electronic devices such as cell phones and Wi-Fi routers.

EMFs and Public Health Concerns

Dr. Drew opens the conversation by highlighting the ever-present sources of EMFs in our daily lives and the growing public health concerns that come with growing technology. He emphasizes the importance of understanding these risks and taking proactive measures to safeguard our health. 

Impact on Reproductive Health

The episode touches on broad health implications, particularly concerning reproductive health. "The data suggests that there is some reason to be concerned, especially with reproductive health, because the rate at which the cells turn over is rapid," Dr. Drew points out. This rapid cell turnover in reproductive organs makes them particularly vulnerable to EMF exposure, potentially affecting both male and female fertility . Bruni adds that many people are becoming increasingly aware of these risks, as seen in the growing concern over fertility and testosterone levels. Studies have linked EMF exposure to decreased sperm quality, reduced sperm motility, and altered levels of reproductive hormones. With ongoing studies, concerns about the impact on ovarian function and menstrual cycle regularity have arisen for women.

Insights from Dr. Nicholas Dogris

Dr. Drew also provides deeper insight from a distinguished expert in neuropsychology and neurofeedback, Dr. Nicholas Dogris. Dr. Dogris has over 30 years of experience in the field. As the founder and CEO of NeuroField, Inc., he has dedicated his career to pioneering advancements in brainwave optimization and neurotherapy. Dr. Dogris holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and his innovative approach integrates neurofeedback with transcranial stimulation techniques. This involves non-invasive brain stimulation using electric currents or magnetic fields to treat conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. As a passionate advocate for mental health, Dr. Dogris combines scientific rigor with compassionate care, making significant contributions to both clinical practice and the broader understanding of brain health.

EMF and Electric Cars

 Image Source: Dr. Dogris on  Psychology Today

The Need for Protective Measures

In the episode, Dr. Dogris emphasizes the importance of addressing EMF issues, noting, "When you expose the body to these waves, it can be disruptive, especially during critical developmental periods." This reinforces the need for protective measures to ensure long-term health and safety. 

He refers to the bombardment of invisible waves on our bodies as "electrosmog." With the amount of electrosmog surrounding us, it's important to find ways to reduce exposure as these waves are passing through our bodies all the time.

Aires Tech's Innovative Solutions

"It's not crazy to think that the invisible waves of energy passing through us could potentially pose a threat to our health," Dr. Drew states. We know these waves are out there, but how can we protect ourselves when we are constantly bombarded with these hidden dangers?

Josh Bruni elaborates on the mission of Aires Tech; a company dedicated to creating innovative products designed to neutralize harmful EMF radiation. "Our products work to deconstruct the negative EMF waves and amplify the beneficial ones, thus providing a safer environment," Bruni explains. This technology is particularly crucial for vulnerable populations, including children and those with electromagnetic hypersensitivity  who might suffer adverse effects from continuous EMF exposure.

Personal Motivations Meet Scientific Commitment

Bruni’s involvement in the EMF protection industry is driven by personal motivations as a father who wants to protect his children growing up in this rapidly-evolving world. He and Dr. Drew discuss the social and emotional concerns many parents have when giving their children cell phones, but Bruni points out that parents don’t often consider the physical effects on children’s developing brains. More data emerges with each new study, and the evidence points to a need to protect our bodies from these invisible dangers.

As mentioned in the interview, thousands of studies support the need for EMF protection. This extensive research has been submitted to global health organizations, but there are steps the public can take while waiting for governments to act such as limiting EMF exposure and utilizing available technology like Aires Tech devices.

Enhance Your Wellbeing in a Digital World

The episode concludes with a compelling call to action. Dr. Drew endorses Aires Tech's practical and science-backed approach, encouraging viewers to consider incorporating EMF protection into their daily routines.

For those interested in learning more, the full interview is available on the Aires Tech YouTube Channel , and further information can be found on the Aires Tech website.

By proactively addressing EMF exposure, Aires Tech aims to enhance overall wellbeing, providing peace of mind in our increasingly digital world. Watch the full episode and join in on the conversation!

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