Small Business Saturday with Aires Tech Partners

This Small Business Saturday, we want to highlight our partners who align with our mission of health, wellness, and the best quality products. At Aires Tech, we are a small but mighty group of less than 15 people, spread globally across Canada, the US, Europe & Asia. Meet the following partners who are doing extraordinary work to better people’s lives!

Listening to Smile

At the heart of Aires’ mission lies a commitment to holistic health and wellness, and providing an environment that enhances the individual’s overall well-being. It’s this very ethos that has led to our alignment with Listening to Smile.

Listening to Smile is a remarkable music licensing company that has revolutionized the way we perceive and interact with sound. Their uniquely engineered music uses specific frequencies designed to invoke distinct states of being in its listeners, helping to:

  • Focus & Memory
  • Healing
  • Creativity
  • Clearing Energetic Blocks
  • Calm Anxieties
  • Improve Sleep

Our environment plays a monumental role in shaping our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When we talk about wellness, it’s not just about the foods we eat or the exercises we do; it’s also about the surroundings we immerse ourselves in.

In today’s digital age, we’re surrounded by devices emitting potential EMF threats. While Aires safeguards the physical, Listening to Smile enhances the auditory environment. Sound greatly affects our well-being. Listening to Smile’s music harmonizes with our inner frequencies, aligning our mood and physiology for overall wellness.

Listening to Smile founder, Ian Morris, consciously composes the music with frequencies and tones known to create coherence and order. The music invites ease and flow into the cellular processes of the body and brainwave states of the mind. Learn more on their website!

Grab an exclusive Aires Tech x Listening to Smile bundle with EMF protection and frequency minded music all in one:


Om Sleep

We’ve partnered with Om Sleep to help bring EMF protection to the world’s first Bluetooth sleep mask! Did you know 1 in 3 Americans don’t get the recommended 7 hours of sleep per night? Quality sleep is crucial not only for basic function, but long term performance and health, yet external factors like light, sound, and EMF are major disruptors to our sleep.

Om Sleep was thinking ahead and prioritizing your health. Their Om Mask is a best-in-class option to support noise reduction, EMF radiation protection, and true darkness all while you sleep.

Just like us at Aires Tech, or any other sleep aid on the market, Om Mask goes beyond just blocking. Outside of blocking out light, the mask has thoughtfully designed ear cushions that eliminate pressure on your ears and effectively reduce noise. The luxurious mask gently cradles your eyes and ears, eliminating pressure and ensuring a truly blissful sleep experience.

According to them “whether you’re a frequent traveler, high performer, a meditation and yoga enthusiast, or perhaps a busy mom who needs to improve her sleep” their mask was designed for you.

Grab yours ASAP to get incredible discounts on this groundbreaking companion for better sleep!


Egidijus Kiliešis

Have you seen our new area protection accessories for the Zone and Zone Max? If not, you’ll be intrigued to learn about the small business that handcrafts them for us!

In the serene town of Vabalninkas, Lithuania, EU, you’ll find whispering forests and Egidijus Kiliešis, a small woodworking business. This unique company is the heart and soul of four passionate individuals, each deeply in love with the rustic allure of wood and the unspoiled beauty of nature.

At the helm, the CEO, a visionary craftsman, has skillfully fashioned a CNC wood machine with his own hands, a testament to their commitment to authenticity and artisanal excellence. This small team, in their forest-clad haven, embodies the spirit of nature and the timeless art of woodworking.

We’re proud to be partners with a company that can help us offer our community high-quality and well-tailored accessories so they can continue to level up their EMF protection game. Give them a follow on Small Business Saturday and find their Aires accessories in our shop now!


This holiday season and every day we are motivated to spread awareness about EMF and the ability to offer a one-of-a-kind solution that offers much-needed daily protection. We want to celebrate the essence of community and support, empowering small businesses like ourselves to thrive and flourish. Cheers to our partners and community!