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Gary Brecka Speaks Out on Radiation Threat of EMF

Biohackers use technology to improve physical health. Others use it for financial gains. This exposes us to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Aires Tech is dedicated to investigating this issue, and we seek to offer insights and solutions for potential health risks. Our blog post includes expert views, like Gary Brecka’s. It aims to give a detailed EMF landscape overview.

Understanding EMF and Its Potential Impacts

EMF radiation comes from electronic devices like cell phones, laptops, and Wi-Fi routers. Our growing reliance on these devices raises health concerns. Studies suggest EMF radiation may affect health. This makes it a topic of growing interest and importance.

Gary Brecka: Amplifying EMF Awareness and Healthier Living

Gary Brecka stands out in biohacking and EMF research, passionately advocating for EMF radiation awareness. His extensive research and experimentation have led to a profound comprehension of EMF’s risks and how to mitigate them. Brecka’s significant impact includes collaborations with figures like Dana White and features on notable podcasts, including his discussions with Ben Greenfield. These endeavors highlight his dedication and influence in the field.

As additional background into Gary, check out this video of UFC President Dana White as he reveals the results he was able to gain while working with Gary’s 10X Health System.

Gary Brecka’s Speaks Out on Radiation from EMFs

In a fun and educational podcast discussion with Sage Workinger, Gary Brecka shared valuable insights into the world of EMF radiation.

On Frequency Medicine

Brecka discusses the concept of the body as a frequency entity and the impact of emotional states on cellular function. He expresses concerns about the unexplored effects of 5G technology and recommends using speakerphones and corded headsets to reduce EMF exposure.

“If you look at the study of frequency medicine, we know that the body is just a giant ball of frequency, right? Emotional states have a direct impact on cellular function, the surface of our cells communicates with our outside environment through frequency, and I don’t think that the final shoe has dropped on 5G. This is another one that I tell people to use their phone on speaker phone and get a corded headset. Now some of these headsets are so powerful that you have RF frequency going through the brain because they don’t just communicate with the phone but they communicate with each other. If you’ve ever used an iPhone Airpod and you take one out it shuts off. It’s not doing that through the communication with the phone, it’s doing that through the communication to the brain.”

Gary Brecka, on the Digital Social Hour

France’s Stance on iPhones

Highlighting France’s proactive approach to EMF regulation, Brecka points out the high levels of EMF emissions from iPhones and the importance of maintaining a safe distance from these devices.

“France was the first country to ban an iPhone because of the amount of EMF coming out of it. It’s mind-numbing. If you go right into the settings of your phone it will actually warn you not to put the phone to your head. It says it was tested 10-12 inches from the body and they actually recommend holding it 10-12 inches away. Well, 10-12 inches means you’ll have to be on speakerphone anyway.”

Gary Brecka, on the Digital Social Hour


Listen as Gary Brecka & Sean Kelly discuss Aires Tech technology! ⚡️ Professional human biologist, Gary Brecka, goes into detail about how 5G radio frequencies can match the frequencies of our ion channels, which intern disrupt cellular respiration. This disruption impedes our cells ability to repair, regenerate, divide, eliminate waste, and detoxify. 🧬🔬📵 Watch the full clip of Gary Brecka discussing EMFs from the Digital Social Hour podcast on our YouTube (video linked in bio) #emf #emfprotection #safetechnology #technology #health #emfsafety #healthandwellnesslifestyle #modulation #lifetune #constructiveinterference #physics #scattertechnology #frequency Video Credit: The Social Hour Podcast

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Aires Tech’s Lifetune One

Brecka praises the effectiveness of Lifetune One, a product from Aires Tech, for its “scatter technology” that efficiently diffuses EMF radiation.

“That’s actually a really good one. I’m not saying the other ones don’t work, but I read all the clinical data on that and it’s really interesting. That “scatter technology” really works. It diffuses the EMF not only when you’re on a call but all the time.”

Gary Brecka, on the Digital Social Hour

On Fertility:

Brecka brings attention to how EMF exposure affects reproductive health, particularly impacting sperm production and testosterone levels.

“If you think of the testicles as a yin-yang symbol, one side produces sperm from follicular cells and the other side produces testosterone by luteal cells. The same organ produces testosterone and sperm…both processes are highly, highly susceptible to radiation and frequency. When we carry them (our phones) in our pocket next to our groin we are actually directing that radiation into our scrotum which can have a negative effect on sperm”

Gary Brecka, on the Digital Social Hour

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Other Expert Opinions on EMF

Other experts in the health and wellness space echo the concerns surrounding EMF:

  • Ben Greenfield: As a health and fitness expert, Greenfield has highlighted the possible health effects of EMF radiation, particularly regarding long-term exposure. He has pointed to DNA damage, oxidative stress, and disruption of cellular communication as significant concerns.
  • Tim Ferriss: Known for his influential book “The 4-Hour Work Week” and the podcast “The Tim Ferriss Show”, Ferriss shared his personal experience with EMF radiation affecting his sperm count. He emphasized the importance of lifestyle changes to mitigate these effects.
  • Olle Johansson: A professor at the Karolinska Institute, Johansson’s research focuses on the health effects of electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation. His work raises alarms about the potential health risks, including increased cancer risk and neurological disorders.
  • David Sinclair: A scientist and professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, Sinclair has discussed how EMF radiation accelerates aging by affecting DNA.
  • Devra Davis: An epidemiologist and environmental health advocate, Davis has conducted extensive research on EMF radiation’s health effects. She founded the Environmental Health Trust to educate the public about environmental health hazards.

Aires Tech’s Role in EMF Protection

At Aires Tech, our focus is on developing scientifically-backed EMF protection solutions. We understand the nuances of EMF radiation and its potential health impacts, which drives our commitment to innovation and scientific validation. Our range of products, including EMF shielding devices, is designed to counteract the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Scientific Validation and Continuous Innovation

Our approach at Aires Tech is grounded in scientific research. We collaborate with leading scientific institutions and researchers to rigorously test and evaluate our products. This commitment ensures that consumers can trust the effectiveness of our EMF protection solutions.

The Future of EMF Research and Protection

As research continues to shed light on EMF radiation and its health implications, it is vital to stay informed and make well-informed decisions. Aires Tech remains at the forefront of this evolving field, continually improving our product line and contributing to the broader conversation about EMF safety.

EMF is Now: The Conversation Continues

Ultimately, the discourse around EMF radiation is complex and multifaceted, with contributions from various experts adding depth and perspective. Aires Tech is proud to be a part of this conversation, offering scientifically validated solutions to mitigate the risks associated with EMF exposure. As we navigate this technologically advanced world, understanding and addressing the potential health effects of EMF radiation remain paramount. We at Aires Tech are dedicated to this cause, striving to ensure that technological advancement goes hand in hand with health and well-being.