The Invisible Threat: Climate Change

The Invisible Threat: Climate Change, EMF Radiation, & the Urgency for Action

With the ice caps melting, sea levels rising, and global temperatures rising – climate change truly is one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today, threatening the health and well-being of people around the world. While much attention has been paid to the physical impacts of climate change, there has been research demonstrating how exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) may affect the ability of humans to adapt to the changing climate, which can lead to a range of health impacts.

But back up – how exactly are we contributing to the worsening climate change situation?

  • Power Plants – there is a strong need to move towards renewable energy sources, and while we’re quite late if we continue to use unsustainable sources, we will end up destroying the quality of the world we currently live in.
  • Agriculture – As we try to scale most of our farming through industrializing the processes, we are releasing additional levels of C02 & methane, contributing to global emissions.
  • Travel & use of transportThe EPA has estimated that almost 30% of the USA’s emissions come solely from leisure travel and the transport of goods across the country.
  • DeforestationCutting trees down to use wood for building materials, paper, and fuel increases our emissions through the release of C02 during the deforestation process and a potential reduction in C02 captured by the trees.
  • FertilizingUsing nitrogen-rich fertilizers actually is counterproductive, since these absorb almost 300 times the heat in comparison to C02.
  • Mining & Oil Drilling
  • Trash & Excessive Waste

Now where do EMFs come in? Similar to carbon emissions and other different pollutants, EMFs are human-generated environmental toxins. Our exposure to electromagnetic radiation continues to increase with each day and there is evidence that we’ve previously explored, demonstrating its many biological effects on human health, animals, plants, and ecosystems.

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A research article published in 2018, calledNew perspectives in the study of the Earth’s magnetic field and climate connection: The use of transfer entropy,” suggested that there’s a relationship between the Earth’s magnetic field and climate change. There is a possibility that EMFs (electromagnetic fields) could contribute to climate change through their impact on the Earth’s magnetic field and cloud formation. According to some recent scientific studies, human-generated electromagnetic radiation could divert an energy force called KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction) from its association with cosmic rays, which normally participate in cloud formation.

This can reduce the Earth’s capacity for optimal cloud formation and cause global warming. Moreover, the Earth’s magnetic field has been shown to have a relationship with climate change, and some proposed mechanisms suggest that the flux of galactic cosmic rays, modulated by the intensity of both the Sun and the Earth’s magnetic fields, could play an important role in cloud formation. However, more research is needed to determine the extent of the contribution of EMFs to climate change.

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And as the world continues to change and we experience continuous growth in EMF pollution linked to the advancement of different technologies and industries, it’s time we take action today. For example, we’re already seeing mass adoption of electric & hybrid vehicles, suggesting hyperconnectivity is the next norm. There is also another segment of the growth and development of the space industry, that will increase the radiofrequency emission levels ensuing from the atmosphere & possibly other planets out there.

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All in all, EMFs are an issue that we can’t ignore, and we cannot see it as an individual problem but more holistically in an interdisciplinary way. They affect multiple facets of our lives, and the best way forward is to address the elephant in the room instead of pretending it doesn’t exist!