Guest Feature : Content Creator + Mom

Guest Feature : Content Creator + Mom, Michaela Z

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My name is Michaela Z, I am a mother of two boys (ages 3 and 1) and I work from home as a content creator, podcaster, and a business coach for social sellers! I have been the sole provider for my family for 2 years now and I absolutely love what I do, however; my business does require me to spend a large portion of my day around technology. At any given time, I have my computer, Ipad, and/or phone on me or near me – that means those things are also often on and near my children! I became curious/cautious of EMF exposure soon after I found out I was pregnant with my first son – as those 5G signs started going up everywhere, I started to question what it was and how it might affect my pregnancy. That was really my first deep dive into EMF and EMR exposure! When it comes to motherhood, the things that make my mama radar light up are the things you can’t see. In 2018, 5G was being heavily pushed but there were no studies showing the effects it had on our bodies short term or long term! It was something that was super easy to ignore by the majority because it was very “out of sight out of mind.” I mean, we are talking about unseen waves passing through your body. It would be super hard to prove, or even to put it together, that your headaches were coming from EMF exposure when you can’t physically see or feel them. And, at the time, questioning it was considered highly conspiratorial – when I asked my phone guy to turn off the automatic 5G connection on my phone he literally said, “oh, you’re one of those people.” I am a huge fan of technology but I also take the health of my family very seriously. So, though I didn’t speak out about it much, I quietly started doing things to help support our household with EMF exposure. At the time I really didn’t know enough to know for sure if it was harmful but I chose to approach the matter from a “just incase” mentality. The first thing my husband and I did when our budget was super tight was start unplugging our wifi every night before we went to bed. We also turned our phones off or on airplane mode and when they were plugged in, we always kept them in a different room than where we slept. As time went on, we acquired some things like EMF blocking cages for our wifi and smart meter, EMF blocking baby blankets that were made of silver fiber, and EMF blocking phone cases. But truthfully, over time, I also fell into a “out of sight out of mind” mentality myself and started disconnecting from the importance of EMF protection. It was just time consuming and though I was aware of it and wanted to incorporate things to protect my family, motherhood and work got the best of me! We removed the cage off our wifi because it was affecting its range and had trouble keeping the blankets over our kids as they grew older – getting a three year old to do anything is a challenge. If you know, you know. It wasn’t until we started traveling as a family that the effects of EMF exposure started becoming more apparent to me. Every single time we stayed overnight in a major city, I was experiencing debilitating migraines – my head would literally feel like it was burning. I didn’t even think about it being 5G exposure (we live in the country) until I was speaking with a friend that has EHS (electromagnetic hyper-sensitivity) who was naming very similar symptoms that I was having while traveling. Obviously, I have no proof of this, but this conversation did bring me back into a place of awareness on the issue. During this time was when I was introduced to Aires Tech! At first, I was really unsure.. It seemed like just another “EMF sticker” that would later be proved to be ineffective BUT I felt there was no harm in giving it a try and I actually experienced significant differences when I started using them. The first thing I noticed was that my pinky and ring fingers stopped going numb or tingling when using my phone for long periods of time! That took me about 3 months to actually connect the fact that those symptoms stopped when getting the LifeTune. Then the video came out where the third party neuroscientist, Dr. Dogris, used an EEG to show the actual effects on our brain after using a cellphone for 15 minutes and it was absolutely mind blowing to see in real time how the LifeTune device not only kept people at base-line while using technology but it actually cooled them back down after using the tech without the LifeTune – I am a total visual learner so I was sold on its effectiveness at that point. LifeTune for EVERYONE! Lol But the big victory just happened recently! My husband and I both carried the mini with us the last time we traveled to a major city (one of the same cities I got the migraine in previously) and I had no symptoms of migraines the entire 6 days we were there. Like I said before, I have no proof that these devices were the reason behind it but you can be sure we won’t be traveling without them in the future! Now, my office is separate from our home and we keep the wifi plugged in out here with a LifeTune Room next to it! I have the small button device on my phone and then we have one mini on our car keys and my husband also wears a mini on the diaper bag or around his neck when he is out with the kids. I love them because it has allowed me to fall back into the “out of sight out of mind” and focus on other important things like growing my business and being present with my family! I am no longer worrying that we are in danger every time I forget to unplug the wifi and I am definitely not spending time trying to force my 3 year old to wear a blanket in the Texas heat every time he wants to watch a movie on my iPad or when he wants to come hang out with me in my office while I am working. As a working mama of two young boys, convenience is a commodity! When products come out that allow you to take care of your family without it taking all your energy and time, it’s a big WIN! Aires Tech delivered big time when it comes to reliability and convenience – every mama’s dream. mom

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