EMFs Are A Proven Risk To Fertility — Here's 5 Reasons Why You And Your Partner Need To Protect Yourself From EMF Radiation

“You might have heard that carrying your phone in your pocket can reduce your testosterone levels and sperm count, and guess what? That is true.” 

Andrew Huberman, Neuroscientist

1. Studies Prove EMF Radiation Impacts Many Parts Of The Reproductive Systems Including:

  • Cellular function

  • Hormonal balance

  • DNA and gene expression

  • Oxidative stress

  • Sleep and metabolism

The science is clear - EMFs impact the key bodily functions involved in fertility health.

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2. Research Shows EMF Can Decrease Sperm Movement, Lifespan, Quantity & Overall Health

Research has found that electromagnetic fields (EMF) from devices like cell phones and Wi-Fi can negatively affect male fertility.

The studies highlight a decrease in sperm movement, lifespan, quantity, and overall health.

Essentially, scientific evidence shows that exposure to radiation from everyday electronics is harmful to a man's reproductive capabilities.       

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3. Research Shows That Radiation Can Damage Ovarian Cells, Lining of the Womb, Embryos & More.

Research shows that radiation from electronics can harm women's fertility. Studies, often done with animals, have found it can damage ovarian cells, the lining of the womb, reproductive cycles, hormones, embryos, and fetal development.

It can also cause stress in the womb and ovaries, affecting cell growth and DNA. In summary, EMF from devices can disrupt the normal function of the female reproductive system.         

Dr. Jill Carnahan

Functional Medicine Expert

"When you encounter EMFs these fields of energy are able to penetrate deep into your body. Once they make contact with your body, these EMFs begin wreaking havoc at the cellular level"

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4. Luckily, There's A Solution to Modulate EMFs, That's Backed By 25 Patents

EMF protection approaches can vary, but if you’re looking for an “always-on” solution, look no further than Aires Tech Lifetune.

AireTech is the ultimate solution for EMF protection, backed by 25 global patents and 9 Peer-Reviewed Studies, which prove Aires Lifetune effectively modulates radiation, eliminating harm from everyday devices. 

Fertility can be complex, but eliminating this risk factor doesn’t have to be. Lifetune is a simple solution that brings you peace of mind, whether you’re preparing for the future, actively trying to conceive, or just want to optimize your health.

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5. Aires Tech is Trusted by 100k+ People Across 75 Countries To Protect Themselves From EMFs 

Aires Lifetune is the only EMF protection device backed by science and 25 international patents.

With 100k+ happy customers across the globe, it's easy to see why soon-to-be parents are using Aires Lifetune to give them themselves the best opportunity for increased fertility. 


Our Lifetune products offer a simple + safe solution to transform the surrounding radiation in your life to  to protect your long-term health. 

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Backed by 25 Patents

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