2024 Mother’s Day Gifts: Wellness for Busy Moms

2024 Mother’s Day Gifts: Wellness for Busy Moms

“The most important job I have as a mother is to empower my children to live happy & healthy lives.”

-Abigayle Peka-Stansberry (@the.feral.farm)

Table of Contents

  • Lighten the Mental Load
  • Mom's choice: Aires Tech Lifetune Flex
  • Other Convenient Gift Ideas for Wellness-Minded Mamas
  • Encouraging a Lifestyle of Wellness
Written by: Amelia Nolan

Lighten the Mental Load

Motherhood has opened my eyes to so many amazing things. Watching my children experience all of the newness that life has to offer makes me feel like I’m living it for the first time again too. 

However, it has also opened my eyes to all of the ways that I need to be vigilant in protecting my family. In a world that’s constantly changing, new hazards seem to pop up every day. It can be overwhelming, which is why I’m always on the lookout for tools to help me keep my family safe and healthy.

Moms work hard to make sure we’re doing what’s best for our family. In doing so, we often carry a huge, invisible mental load just by trying to make sure we’re checking all the boxes. This Mother’s Day, take some of the pressure off Mom with gifts that promote wellness and convenience to lighten that mental load.

Mom’s Choice: Aires Tech Lifetune Flex



Here’s what moms are saying about the Aires Tech Lifetune Flex:

“EMFs were not on my radar before I had babies. I had heard the term before, but honestly, it was an "out of sight, out of mind" kind of thing.

I think my life was just moving too fast for me to question the headaches I experienced after a long day using my laptop, or the tingling in my pinkies when I used my cellphone.

But, as other mothers will know, nothing makes you consider all the possible hazards around us quite like motherhood does. What used to be just a table now becomes something the kids could fall off of or whack their heads on. What were once just invisible frequencies that help us stay connected now become a major health risk to our child’s development.

One of the many blessings that came with tech innovation is the ability to work from home — which I am grateful to have been able to do for the last five years. However, when I found out how much more vulnerable our babies are to the effects of EMFs, I quickly realized that EMF protection would need to be a pillar in our daily lives.

I discovered AiresTech over three years ago and chose to integrate their products into our home for a few reasons:

  • Their technology is backed by two decades of peer-reviewed, published, and patented research.
  • It was EASY to implement—and this mama loves easy.
  • The products are incredibly non-invasive and passive—I didn’t have to bribe my kids to use them. I could simply set it next to them or pop it on their backpack and trust that it would give my babies the physical boost they needed to mitigate the risks of surrounding EMFs.
  • The products were military-funded medical devices—they were never created with the intent to become a consumer product, which I think says a lot about the integrity of their technology.
  • I personally felt a difference—no more tingling pinkies when I used my phone!

As a mother, we tend to question if what we are doing is the right thing.

With Aires Tech, I trust that I got something right in motherhood!”

- Michaela Wilson (@yourmoonmom)


“The most important job I have as a mother is to empower my children to live happy & healthy lives. We do this by eating organic & minimally processed food, avoiding as many toxins as possible and by spending as much time as possible out in nature. But even when we’re far away from the Wi-Fi and EMFs of our household- there’s still a constant stream of EMFs that occur on almost every corner of the globe. It’s hard to live a totally “clean” lifestyle these days- but Aires Tech has helped us get one step closer to keeping our family as healthy & happy as possible. We use the Lifetune Flex everywhere we go & with everything we do: homeschool, sports, work & play. It’s the only thing that brings me peace of mind in this constantly evolving technological world, that despite its advancements has little research on its impact on the human condition. We are so thankful we found Aires Tech so that my family and I can be protected!”

- Abigayle Peka-Stansberry (@the.feral.fam)

Check out these other convenient gift ideas below to make life a little easier for Mom this Mother’s Day!

Gift Guide for the Wellness-Minded Mamas

Filtered Water Bottle

Mamas always remember to fill up their kid’s water bottles before heading out the door for the playground, soccer practice, dance class, or just a morning playdate at the park. But with all the other things to do and gather before leaving the house, it’s easy to forget her own needs. 

A portable water purifier is the perfect gift for busy moms who want to avoid single-use plastics or mystery tap water. She can keep it in her bag, the car, and enjoy clean, purified water anywhere!

Plant Subscription Box

For the aspiring green thumb just getting started with houseplants or even the seasoned gardener who wants to add new varieties to her collection, a plant subscription box might be just the thing! There are dozens of online businesses curating monthly boxes that contain everything from succulents to herbs to exotic houseplants. Many even come with extra little gifts and care cards to give Mom all the info she needs to keep her new plant babies thriving.


Benjamin Romero

Travel Diffuser

One thing I’ve learned since becoming a mother is we spend a lot of time in our cars. Some days, it feels like more hours are spent driving from place to place than in our own homes. However, we don’t often think about creating calm, wellness-inspiring spaces in our vehicles. Portable diffusers make it possible for Mom to have her favorite essential oils nearby as she goes about her day. Whether she needs something energizing to start a busy day or a calming blend to take the edge off a long afternoon, a travel diffuser will do just the trick!

Air Purifier

While this may seem like an unlikely contender for a Mother’s Day gift, an air purifier is one of those things that moms might not even think to splurge on for their own spaces. They will make sure the family room or the baby’s nursery is set up with the latest in air purification, but what about their own bedroom or home office? And with so many styles and designs to choose from, there is sure to be an air purifier that would fit in seamlessly with her space.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Also called a “Wake-Up Light,” these alarm clocks were designed with our circadian rhythm in mind. Instead of waking up to a jarring alarm, a sunrise alarm clock begins emitting a warm glow to simulate the sunrise about half an hour before it’s time to wake up. The gradually increasing light emitted from the clock sends signals to the brain that it's morning, which can help mamas wake up feeling more refreshed, alert, and ready to tackle the day.

Meditation App Subscription

Busy days don’t always allow for a trip to the yoga studio or a guided in-person breathwork class. But with the mental load that moms carry, meditation can be incredibly beneficial to keeping calm, centered, and happy. A subscription to a meditation app could be the perfect way to help Mom get that much-needed “Me Time” every day. Most apps offer daily reminders and progress trackers that help users stay consistent in prioritizing their mental health.

Los Muertos Crew

Encouraging a Lifestyle of Wellness

Finding a gift for Mom that makes it easier for her to pursue her wellness goals shows her that you really see her. You see how important her family’s health and safety is to her. You see how mindful she is of where she spends her time and energy. Give the gift of convenience and ease this Mother’s Day to make it easier on the mamas all year long!