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Us vs. Them : What Makes Aires Different than Other EMF Protection

  • – We know that EMFs are harmful to us, but we also know that boycotting technology and just “never using” it is also not an option – enter, EMF protection technology
  • – There are a ton on the market including stickers, plug-ins, blocking clothing, crystals, and Farraday cages. It’s easy to search on Amazon for the cheapest solution.
  • – But, when making the decision to purchase some of these products, make sure you look out for: transparency, scientific evidence for support, and the customer reviews!

To imagine our lives without technology is quite simply unfathomable for many of us. Some of us have only used it for the last 2 decades or so, while for others, it’s all they’ve ever really known. Regardless, when talking about its inevitable effects – in particular its EMF radiation, we have to acknowledge that just boycotting or “not using” it isn’t an answer. Why? Well, can you imagine not having your phone for months on end? What would your hours, days, weeks look like? Hence – it’s vital that we recognize these not-so-ideal impacts and actively implement changes – like using radiation protection/shielding devices.


Now it’s hard to know where to start when there’s such a plethora available on the market today. While for most products, it is easy to look on Amazon for the cheapest solution, that might not be the best approach for EMF protection. But don’t fret – we’ve rounded up the most common and provided an evaluation too, just so you know what you’re in for.


First off, stickers. They’re really everywhere – you’ll find them on amazon, instagram and on a million other websites. These products make grand claims to protect you from all the EMF radiation that comes from your devices just by being stuck on – but they actually do the very opposite. By putting extra strain on your connection, the device ends up increasing its power usage to secure a connection with a closer cell tower. And practically, if the stickers actually blocked off all the EMF waves, you wouldn’t even be able to receive any calls!


Next, plug-ins. Now if you think about it, as soon as this “protection technology” is plugged in, it’s going to create some sort of electro-magnetic wave – that’s the same with anything that’s plugged in. Key here is to beware of any products that claim to completely “get rid of” or “neutralize” EMFs (not scientifically backed up). If you do want to go ahead with using them, make sure you’re aware of how the mechanism works and what it’s actually made up of – a lot of products are not as transparent as they should be.


Another popular item on the market is blocking clothing. This could include accessories, capes and any other product that you wear on and are “immediately protected” from any EMFs. In reality, there are several issues with such technology. For example, there are extremely limited options and it’s really not realistic for everyday – you’d have to wear such clothing on the daily to be somewhat protected. But even then, the clothing inevitably leaves some parts of the body exposed so you’re not entirely shielded.


Many of you may have heard of certain crystals that also have the aim of acting like a shield against EMFs. A few examples include Shungite, Hematite, Rose Quartz and Black Tourmaline. These can come in jewelry form or independently. Such crystals with high iron levels claim to protect the mind, body and soul from EMF radiation. Despite their pure intentions, unfortunately there’s not a wealth of evidence in support. They still leave a lot of areas exposed and it hasn’t fully been verified by science.


Lastly, have any of you heard of Faraday cages? These are a sort of cage (sometimes sauna-like) that protect you from any EMF or infrared radiation coming through. And if the conductor is thick enough, it is able to protect to you a certain degree. But unfortunately, it does not block stable or constant EMF radiation and are not practical. They’re extremely huge machines that are expensive and cannot provide you constant access. It also has the same problem as the stickers in that your phone has to work harder to gain a connection, resulting in the unintended consequence of increased EMF radiation.

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