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Using EEG Brain Scan to Measure Effectiveness of Aires Modulation Technology

In our recent video shoot, we set out to demonstrate the effects of electronics on the brain, both with and without our Aires silicon resonator chips. We called on Dr. Nicholas Dogris, a neuroscientist and licensed psychologist with over 30 years of experience, to conduct EEG brain scans on four participants. While it was not a controlled experiment, the scans proved the changes to brain activity with the use of a device close to the body, as well as the neutralizing power of Aires products.

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In the video, you see Dr. Dogris place a cap on the participants to conduct the EEG. This cap contains small, metal discs that pick up on the electrical charges that occur with brain cell activity. According to Dr. Dogris, the scan provides “60 seconds of EEG data at 256 samples per second” resulting in “over 13,000 observations” in a minute. He says “Statistically, there’s a lot of power” in the data from even one participant. The EEG data measures the brain waves and is then translated into a qEEG brain map for further analysis. For this video, the process of conducting the EEG scans began with a baseline analysis. After the baseline, an EEG was conducted while the participants held an active device close to their heads. During this scan, Dr. Dogris interpreted changes in brain activity well above the baseline. Finally, the participants were introduced to the Lifetune products and placed the Aires silicon resonator chip either close by or on their device while using the electronics in the same manner as the previous scan.
Aires Brain Scan Before and AfterBrain
The colored brain scans (pictured above) represent the data from the individual participant’s EEG compared to a z-score, or standard deviations from the average, of a population similar in gender and age. More specifically, red, orange, and yellow represent an excess or increase in activity, the greens show the norm, and the blues represent lower activity. It is clear from the scans in the video that using the electronic device close to the head, especially for longer periods, causes an increase in brain activity. Once the Aires Lifetune products were introduced, activity returned to normal, and in some cases, even better than the average. Dr. Dogris came in with little to no knowledge about Aires products and their capabilities, even saying that he was “skeptical about it.” Reflecting on the shoot, he said “I saw some pretty cool data, which suggests that the Aires device has the ability to mitigate the EMF coming out of a phone in a very significant fashion.” As an expert in the field, Dr. Dogris has been exposed to many companies claiming to have this ability, but he hasn’t “been that impressed with those kinds of technologies.” However, during this shoot, he was “pleasantly surprised,” reiterating that “the numbers don’t lie and these kinds of recordings are very powerful statistically.” Click here to watch the full interview with Dr. Dogris. After these scans, Dr. Dogris is interested in conducting a more thorough experiment in a controlled environment with set parameters. He explained that over a long period of time, “cognitive performance would be predicted to be improved” with the use of Aires products. Dr. Dogris explained further that “when you’re not as fatigued, you function better and you’re processing information better” and “that you’re going to be healthier. You’re going to function better. You’re probably going to sleep better.” Technology is not only vital, but also offers great opportunity in our lives, so it’s important that we find solutions to better our health alongside it. The results of this shoot give further proof that the Aires EMR modulation technology is powerful in its neutralizing and mitigating capabilities. We hope that this video offers our loyal customers something they can share with their communities to further emphasize the benefits of having Aires on your body and in your environment.