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Summer Travel : EMF Hot Spots

When on holiday, we usually spend our time at concerts, sports events, cinemas, tourist attractions, amusement parks, and the mall, right? And as a result, in most of these highly quintessential vacation areas, large crowds form. These areas become people hot spots, and as much as we’ve missed this sort of normalcy post-pandemic, it’s important to recognize the potential risks too.

Let’s start at the start of your vacation – from airports and airplanes to trains and cars – your mode of transportation is a huge source of EMF radiation as we’ve previously mentioned. The number of devices, the number of people, the engines, and your prolonged exposure all contribute to potentially harmful exposure. Check out this blog to explore in more detail how each mode affects you. An important thing to note would be that on public transportation, it was found that people using their devices were more adversely affected than those affected by other people’s devices.

There have been multiple studies that depict a strong correlation between the increasing number of people present and the EMF effects. In this particular study, it was found that an increase in people meant that there was an increase in the number of connections to the wifi, and hence an increase in the level of EMFs recorded too. If you think about it, there are also a significant number of devices in such an area, and so you’re not only exposed through the connections but also through the number of devices that intensifies the EMF exposure present and the need to take precautionary measures.

At concerts, although these are not as crowded during the year, when everyone flocks in during the summer, the effects can be extremely dire. There are several sources of EMFs in this setting – first off, the number of devices used for recording – be it mobile/cell phones, high quality/high def cameras, or even tablets – is exponentially multiplied, feeding into your level of exposure. As mentioned before, the number of devices is also important, and their connections to WI-FI or to cell phone towers amplify the radiation. Furthermore, at concerts, there’s a plethora of sound equipment too, for example, huge speakers, amplifiers, microphones, huge screens – and a number of wires for connectivity. This only adds fire to the EMF fuel. And your proximity to the stage also plays a huge role in your exposure intensity – the closer you are to the front, the more intense your exposure is – and as we’ve learned previously proximity matters! Lastly, you’re more than likely to be at a concert for upwards of 6 hours, and this prolonged exposure can result in headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and more.

How about theaters/cinemas? This study depicted another stark picture – in such indoor environments, your EMF exposure heightens mainly because of mobile telecommunication. Even if people are not on their devices during the movie, the very fact that those devices may be connected to the internet or a cell tower increases the amount of EMF exposure. The huge movie screen itself and the conjoined speakers were also huge players in the conversation.

These are just some crowded areas that we’ve explored in detail, but what makes a place an EMF hotspot? Well, it depends on how many people there are – this correlates to how many corresponding devices emit the radiation and how many are connected to wifi/cell towers which also affects the exposure intensity. Furthermore, prolonged exposure and the number of devices are other factors that come into play.

So as you embark on your holidays, make sure you try to stay as protected as possible, using our best tips and available products!

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