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Top Tips for Staying Healthy While Traveling

7 months into 2022, and it’s that time of year, right in the middle of summer when most of us have exciting plans lined up with our families and loved ones! But as we start the travel season, it’s essential we keep staying healthy a priority – especially as we try to navigate our way out of a pandemic!

Here are our top tips to stay healthy and feel at your best while exploring:

  • Stay hydrated: It can be easy to forget to drink enough fluids as you sightsee or lounge in pools. Regardless, make sure you take a sip regularly so everything flows right!! Drinking 2 glasses in the morning can be an effective way to kickstart your momentum. Also remember, smoothies, fruits, mocktails, and juices are all sources of fluids!
  • Be aware of what you eat/drink: Whether you’re travelling to somewhere less developed or more tropical, always be aware of what you’re consuming and try to make a conscious effort to ensure it’s fully cooked, the vegetables are not rotten and you drink filtered water. A lot of us tend to “let go” on holiday but this can result in you having an upset stomach and feeling lazy – wasting your precious vacation days! So savor your time and experiences – but all in moderation.
  • Stay active – Instead of taking a cab everywhere, use local transport, or better yet, walk. This is not only an excellent way to get your steps in but also experience the city like a true tourist. You get to interact with the locals on the way and might even encounter things you might have missed out on had you taken an easier route. Staying active can also help you work up an appetite for more delicious meals too! Netflix or youtube rabbit hole when waiting to get somewhere or en route. Not only do these emit EMF radiation that can be harmful and cause fatigue/sluggishness, but you also end up not being fully present and in the moment. Sometimes silence is what you need to really take everything in.
  • Get enough sleep – Even as you transcend timezones, ensure you give yourself enough time to work through jet lag. There have been numerous studies that demonstrate a conclusive link between lack of sleep and a compromised immune system. This can even result in you feeling not up to exploring and as energetic, again not ideal when traveling.
  • Protect yourself from EMF – The EMF we are exposed to at home or on a day to day basis might be different while traveling, which may have a compounding impact of the above factors. Taking steps to minimize your exposure in airports, cars, and even trains can help you stay regulated even while you’re outside of your daily routine and enjoying your adventures.

While traveling can interrupt your regular routines, it’s not impossible to prioritize your health and wellbeing – which can make your experience that much more enjoyable! Hopefully, you implement some of our best tips, and safe travels. Read more about why hydrating yourself is crucial here.