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Microwave radiation dangers in your home

Microwave radiation dangers you should be aware of

What are the microwave radiation dangers you need to be aware of? Take concrete measures now to avoid microwave radiation health risks in the future! For years, the safety of radiation-emitting cellphone towers have been a debate. Residents around the continent are pushing for bans on cellphone towers placed on or near school premises. The jury is still out on just how harmful this radiation exposure is. According to studies conducted by the Swiss government in conjunction with the World Health Organization, the microwave radiation health risks in your home may be far greater than once believed. While banning cellphone towers in schoolyards is something, we all have them in our homes too. The biggest culprits of microwave radiation risks in the home are WiFi base stations and the devices connected to them: cellphones, laptops, and tablets, etc. Let’s take a typical family of four: mom, dad, and two kids, one of whom is a baby. Both parents have cellphones, iPads, and laptops. There are two televisions. There is a cordless landline, and the older child has her own iPad too. Then there is the WiFi base station, and the baby monitor transmitter and receiver! In this hypothetical household there are thirteen devices emitting microwave radiation signals and posing microwave radiation dangers. Home radiation levels and the attendant microwave radiation risks are often so high they cannot be effectively measured by monitoring devices. The WiFi base station alone emits signals about ten times per second, even with no devices connected to it.


One way of addressing microwave radiation dangers is to use wired connections wherever possible, thereby allowing you to disable WiFi. Download games and activities that can be enjoyed offline to reduce your children’s exposure to microwave radiation signals. Slowly but surely, safer, healthier ways of using radiation-emitting devices are being discovered. Aires Technology has a number of products that are designed to make all your devices safer. Visit our store today!