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Guest Feature : EMF + Pets with Tihane DeKneef

If you’re anything like me, your pets are more than just pets. No, no, no. They’re family and because they’re family, there isn’t much you wouldn’t do to keep them on this earth for as long as possible. As you invest and work towards optimal health for you and your pet, it’s important to consider the dangers of electromagnetic radiation for them too.

EMF’s and pet health is a rarely discussed topic in the pet world. If it is discussed, there aren’t very many solutions offered that fit our on-the-go lifestyle. In today’s digital world, electro-pollution is nearly impossible to avoid especially if you live in a busy city like we did.

Look around at how many cellphone towers and antennas you see today. We lived in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii for 20 years. In a small 3 mile radius from our apartment there were 210 towers and 1,630 antennas. That’s a lot of electromagnetic radiation.

Do man-made EMF’s have a negative impact on our pets like they do us? Since most significant studies on the dangers of EMF’s were done on rats (sorry little dudes), we can apply those studies to our pets as they’ve been applied to humans. On a basic biological level, animals and humans are fundamentally the same.

That’s actually how I ended up down the EMF rabbit hole — through our 6.5 lb, mostly hairless, super-sassy-but-super-snuggly, little chihuahua named Boo.

In 2015, Boo was diagnosed with “idiopathic epilepsy” meaning her doctors didn’t know what were causing her grand mal seizures.

“We’re not sure,” just wasn’t a good enough answer for me. I began researching possible causes of seizure disorders and eventually started working with a homeopathic veterinarian who stressed the importance of reducing exposure to environmental toxins, including…yes, EMF’s.

Boo was very much so a velcro dog. She was always at my side and if she wasn’t, she was in my lap. I didn’t mind it as I worked from home since she was 9 months old and we were inseparable.

But if she was in my lap, chances were that I was on my phone or at my desk on my computer. The more I dove into the research on EMF’s the more I realized we needed protection for our whole family, including Boo (of course). I began doing all the things for our home — the faraday cages for our router and cellphones, turning our wifi off at night, internal mitigation with nutraceutical activators…you name it! These are all really
great things, but we had very little to no protection when we were outside the home.

As a canine pet health coach, I can’t stress enough the importance of minimizing exposure, internal mitigation, AND a harmonizing device like the Lifetune Mini/Pet.

Tihane DeKneef
Canine Pet Health Coach
Business Owner