Electromagnetic Radiation in the School Environment

Electromagnetic Radiation in the School Environment, And Potential Risks for Your Kid's Health

Technology is invading our lives at a rate faster than you can imagine. Every sector, whether educational, industrial, or medical, have redefined their ways of working to keep up with the technological advancements. However, while moving toward a technically-strong world, we might have to weigh the risks that the technology comes with. One such and highly talked about issue is the use of wireless technology in schools.

Schools going wireless

Increasing number of schools is installing wireless technology with an intention of making internet connectivity accessible to every staff and student in the school premise. The cost of setting up this wireless connection is quite less as compared to having wired networks. Most parents and school management believe that providing internet access will enable their kids to work with technology and learn about the latest developments, also giving them a chance to learn in the most advanced ways, as opposed to the age-old classroom learning methodologies.

What is the problem?

It is a good idea to use the latest technology in schools only if it is safe for children. But unfortunately, it is not. The wireless internet technology implemented in classrooms and schools do more harm than good, for your child. If you’re wondering what problems your kid could have in the presence of wireless internet in schools, read on.

Children fall in the high-risk category

All wireless electronic devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR). We know electromagnetic radiation is harmful and poses a threat to our health. But, did you know children absorb more electromagnetic radiation than adults? Today, a typical classroom is a hotspot for hundreds of electromagnetic waves, which means your child is exposed to electromagnetic radiation every second they spend in school. EMR from the Wi-Fi routers, laptops, computers, iPads, tablets, mobile phones, are constantly coming in contact with your child’s body. Many experts have raised concerns over this and as more number of schools is opting for wireless technologies, the opposition is now more than ever.

What are the risks involved?

We learned that kids are more susceptible to being affected by the radiation than an average adult. While most of the health concerns might not be apparent in the near future, some of the symptoms start showing early. The immediate problems are reduced cognitive abilities, shorter attention spans, headaches, side effects of certain drugs, etc. Also, children that have Epilepsy can occasionally experience seizures in the wireless environment of the school. The unborn child of the staff and teachers who are pregnant are also at potential risks which could lead to alteration in the genes. Some of the long-term risks include male infertility, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and more.

What can we do?

Science has evidence to support as well as to rule out the connection of EMR and cancers and other diseases, however, precaution is the best weapon we have. Consulting Aires Technology can help you identify solutions for radiation protection for your child as well as their school environment. You can place devices onto their laptops that will reduce the amount of EMR exposure your child is getting. Let’s be responsible citizens and minimize the risks that the young minds are exposed to. It is our collective duty as parents, grandparents, teachers, and guardians, to make provisions for our children to grow in a healthy atmosphere.