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Best protection against mobile phone radiation

What is the best protection against mobile phone radiation? To answer this question, it’s vital to start by looking at what the expert have to say about mobile phone radiation and its effects. They have spent a long time and this has resulted into the coming up of two schools of thought. The first one believes that mobile phone has no effect while the second thinks that it’s essential to guide oneself from the radiation because it can be dangerous to users. Most mobile phone users seem to be less concerned with this. But since not much has been discovered about the harm caused by this radiation, it’s important to take precautionary measures that would protect an individual against mobile phone radiation. The following measures are deemed to be useful in protecting self from the mobile phone radiation.

  1. Keeping mobile phones away from the young ones.

They should use a mobile phone when very necessary. This will definitely prevent them from excessive exposure to mobile phone radiation when still young.

  1. Limitation of unnecessary calls

An individual should only use a mobile phone to call when it’s very important, not using the device for idle talk.

  1. Keep the mobile device away from the ear

The expert’s advices individuals to keep off the habit of using the mobile phone close to the ear to avoid the effects of radiation. They further advice that using it when the speaker is on is a better way.

  1. Keeping away the mobile device from contact with the body

The mobile phone is always in regular communication with the nearest mast so as to make sure that network is maintained. This can happen even when it’s switched off. The experts prefer one to keep it in a flight mode to avoid such regular transmission hence protecting one against mobile phone radiation.

  1. Avoid using your mobile phone when in transit.

When in transit, the mobile phone is in very high usage mode, hence it’s advisable to avoid using it when in trains, vehicles or by any other means of transport for in such a mode, there is possibility of very high mobile phone radiation emission. The advice for the best protection against mobile phone radiation also applies to parked motor vehicles. One should not use mobile phones in their parked cars.

  1. Switch off the mobile phone while going to bed

Mobile phone radiation can highly have effects on sleep hence resulting into sleeping disorders and irritability in the day, the experts’ advice not even taking the mobile phone with you in the bedroom at the first place to overcome the temptation of keeping it on.

  1. Text more than calling

It’s highly advisable to use text messages more than calling for this reduces the exposure to radiation. Many people prefer calling, and as an individual, one is advised to resist the habit of calling and use short messages as regularly as possible.

  1. Avoid commercial protective stickers

Experts do not recommend the use of stickers and diodes as the best protection against mobile phone radiation, for most of these devices are just commercial and made to mint money from users. They buy their way into recommendations that are mostly not true. One researcher particularly tried out these devices and shockingly found out that they do not work as stated. Hence they came up with a conclusion that the only way to protect oneself against mobile phone radiation is to adhere to the simple rules above. They will be handy in the long time than using money on devices that do not function at all. 13. Buy one of our radiation protection devices! Cellphone Radiation Protection Device