January 10, 2022 2 min read

The Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection issued a warning about specific products that claim to have EMF and 5G blocking properties. The country has since made the sale of these products illegal as they pose a threat to consumer health. This warning has since circulated on various news sources, causing reasonable concern in the EMF community. 

The warning states that these products use certain types ofpure minerals and volcanic ash that have been found to emit ionizing radiation. This type of radiation can affect human health, as it can be absorbed into the body, damaging tissue and DNA. While the products named in the warning only emit ionizing radiation at low levels, the constant exposure poses a risk to the health of the consumer. The brands named are not transparent about the science behind their products. 

The products named in this warning include necklaces, sleep masks, bracelets, and other accessories that have been found to contain materials with radioactive properties. For example, one product claims to be using quantum science in pendant form to “repair” weakened bodies due to exposure to “negative energy” from sources of EMR. The materials used in this product include tourmaline, lava, and negative ions. Some of these items are marketed as anti-radiation products for children, while others are geared toward sports and athletic consumers. 

Aires Tech Lifetune technology does not block EMF, as this renders everyday devices useless. Aries products also do not contain any minerals or potentially hazardous materials, such as those mentioned in the warning. Instead, the products help protect your body from EMF by transforming non-ionizing radiation from everyday technology into a form that is biologically compatible. Aries Tech products offer a technology solution for a technology problem. To learn more about the technology behind Aires products, please click here

Scientific studies have proven the transformative and protective capabilities of Aires products. Aires Tech takes pride in offering transparency around the science and functionality of the patented and proven technology. To read the science behind Aires products, please click here.

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