Productive ways to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation

September 01, 2016 3 min read

We know electronic devices emit the electromagnetic radiation (EMR), but can we stop using them? Well, that’s next to impossible. We’re so used to our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, coffee makers, blenders, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc. that not using them is simply out of question. These devices not only make our lives, but they also help in saving the precious time, which is really precious to us. We cannot eliminate the electromagnetic radiation from entering our lives. But, we can definitely do a few things to minimize your exposure to the radiation. It’s all about being more aware and making a few small changes in the way you lead your life, each day. Let’s see what some of those changes are. Avoid making calls from your mobile phones or tablets, when they are running low on battery. You could stick to texting when you find yourself in a place where you can’t find a charger or the charging point. Mobile phones emit excessive radiation when the phone is low on battery, especially when you make calls. Refrain from using your mobile phones for calling, when in low reception area. When the signal is weak, your phone emits radiation looking for better reception and trying to make the most of the available signal. If you have other options such as texting or using a landline phone, please use them. When your electronic devices are not in use, switch them off. Whether it’s your microwave oven, cell phone chargers, refrigerators, electric cookers, heaters, washing machines, or for that matter any device that comes with a switch, turn in off when you do not need them. The technological world is going wireless, but you must go in the opposite direction whenever you can. Let’s use the cords and wires whenever possible. Using cables instead of Wi-Fi internet, preferring wired landline phones over the cordless ones, are some of the ways to eliminate the unwanted radiation from your lives. Your bedroom should not have running electronic devices while you’re sleeping. Make sure there are no chargers connected to the socket in your bedroom. Also, turn off your Wi-Fi router during the night. In order to get a good night’s sleep, it is extremely important that your mind is free as far as possible, from any disturbances caused by the electromagnetic radiation. Stay apart from the electronic devices when they are in use. Whether you are cooking, washing clothes, or toasting; try and stay away from the devices for the most part the machine is running. The farther you are from the devices, the lesser the intensity of radiation coming in contact with your body. When watching television, sit at least 3 meters away from your TV set.We all remember how much our parents have emphasized on this when we were little. If you didn’t know the reason back then, well, it is electromagnetic radiation. Reduce the brightness of your computers and laptops. Special attention must be paid to this especially when you’re using the laptop/computer in a dimly-lit room. WHAT IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY THAT YOU CAN REDUCE YOUR EXPOSURE TO EMR? Consider protecting you and your family by purchasing the radiation protection devices from Aires Technology. Aires Technology’s primary focus is in the research and development of technologies that minimize the harmful effects of the electromagnetic fields that are emitted from and surround most modern electronic devices. Consulting Aires Technology will help you find the right device for you and your family, with easy ways to fit it into your lifestyle. Sure, it is practically impossible to get rid of electromagnetic radiation from our lives. However, incorporating the above-mentioned changes in your lifestyle and including Aires Technology devices into your home and life, you can ensure that you diminish the levels of EMR your body comes in contact with, so that you could gravitate toward a healthy mind and body!

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