January 19, 2023 2 min read

The Lifetune Go has been a customer favorite since the beginning. So much so that we had a hard time staying in stock last year! Its popularity within our community as well as its functionality inspired the creation of our newest product, the Lifetune Flex. While they look similar, and can be used in similar ways, there are some key distinctions as to when, where, and why you may prefer one over the other in certain instances.

Why did we create the Lifetune Flex?

We saw a customer need for a compact yet mighty iteration of the Lifetune product. We began the development of the Flex to explore how we could create a more powerful product in the most compact and durable form. Featuring the larger microprocessor of the area protection products, the Liftune Zone and Zone Max, the Flex offers an increased area of maximum coverage. By maintaining a smaller form, comparable but slightly larger than the Lifetune Go, it is still easy to carry throughout the day. The Lifetune Flex is designed to be an entry product that gives our customers the best of both worlds. Our customers, especially those who may not be able to purchase the full range of products, desire a solution that is flexible, hence the name Flex. The versatility and extended capability allow for both personal and small-area protection. 

Comparing the Lifetune Flex to the Lifetune Go

As previously mentioned, for over a year, the Lifetune Go is one of our most popular products. However, the capabilities of the Go didn't fulfill the needs of some customers, as it is clearly designed for personal protection. On the other hand, the Lifetune Flex is designed for both personal, wearable protection and close by area protection. The Lifetune Flex has a larger antenna and a larger microprocessor, which both contribute to the larger effective range. The effective range of the Flex is 10 feet larger in diameter than the Go. This is because while the Go has two of the smaller microprocessors, the Flex has one larger microprocessor. Also, because it is slightly larger in size, the surface area of the antenna is greater as well. The Lifetune Flex has a 42 foot diameter coverage area, while the Go has a 32 foot. The Go has slightly smaller dimensions, which might make it better for wearing as a pendant, depending on personal preference.

Which one is right for me?

Truthfully, there may be reasons to have both the Lifetune Go and Flex in your arsenal. As you know by now, the Go is smaller, and may be just what you need when you're on the go on a day to day basis. But, there may be time when extended coverage is needed from the Flex. If you do not have one of our other area protection products either at home or in other locations that you frequent, having the Flex with you is a great option for additional coverage. Overall, it depends on personal preference. We will always recommend the maximum coverage for optimal results, but the goal of having Lifetune is to fit within your lifestyle. 


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