March 06, 2020 1 min read

In recent years more and more devices have become connected to the Internet. Devices like TVs and refrigerators now use the Internet to communicate with various online services. To facilitate the huge amounts of data being transferred between devices, countries are rushing to install 5G network towers. Dr. Anthony Miller is a medical specialist and Professor Emeritus at the University of Toronto is part of a group called Canadians for Safe Technologies. This is a group of experts led by former president of Microsoft, Frank Clegg, expressing concern over the health risks of radio frequency radiation. Dr. Miller warns that the health risks associated with the RF radiation used by 5G are being largely ignored by the governing bodies and cites numerous studies showing a connection between cell phone usage and cancer. In 2017 an appeal against 5G technologies was signed by 180 scientists worldwide, as of March 2020 that number has risen to 304 scientists. This appeal, titled "The 5G Appeal," criticizes the guidelines regarding RF radiation used by Health Canada, a government agency, to be outdated. The group of scientists behind this appeal seek to have these guidelines to be re-evaluated, especially with the new 5G technologies becoming widespread.

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