Gaming + Streaming with Aires Tech - airestech

May 26, 2022 1 min read


With the rapid rise of gaming and streaming on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, the amount of time people are spending in front of their screens, surrounded by multiple electronic devices has exponentially increased. Gamers who stream their gameplay live sit in front of their computers with multiple screens, headphones, microphones, and more. Those streams can last for hours, sometimes even multiple times per day, elevating the exposure to EMF radiation. 


That exposure can have an impact on gaming performance. EMF is known to have an effect onbrain function as well as cause stress to your nervous and hormonal systems. When this is compounded over long periods of time, not only will it affect your day-to-day performance but also your long-term health.Burnout can come more rapidly in the professional gaming and streaming communities, so by implementing Aires Tech into your gaming routine, you may see improvements to your performance, especially over long periods of time. 

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