Reasons to get a laptop radiation protection shield

November 25, 2015 2 min read

Laptop Radiation

In a society where we depend on electronics to function, and in a reality where almost all our work, entertainment, and socializing takes place on a desk, we are constantly being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Over the past 20 years, personal computers have grown in popularity. Even more so nowadays is the influx of laptop (or notebook) computers. These days, laptops pack the same punch as their PC cousins—but in a portable, compact device. There’s just one problem with laptops – their name says it all. The idea is to have a PC that will fit on your lap so you can work from absolutely anywhere, but when the term was coined, the study of EMFs and portable electronic devices was just starting. Now we know better, and so these days more and more companies choose to refer to their portable computing units as ‘notebooks’ rather than laptops, for obvious reasons. Never put a computer on your lap!

What are the health risks of laptop radiation?

There have been ample studies over the past couple decades clearly showing the risk of too much exposure to EMFs. The natural energy that our cells generate is used for radiation protection instead of metabolism when we are exposed to EMFs. The cell membranes then harden, keeping waste products in and essential nutrients out. The waste gathers inside our cells, creating an increased concentration of free radicals, which leads to the disruption of DNA repair and cell death, which contributes to cancer risks and host of other serious health concerns.

The Aires Tech laptop radiation protection shield

There are many things you can do to protect yourself: keep your laptop off of your lap, or use cable internet instead of Wi-Fi. Or—you could buy an Aires laptop radiation protection shield. Simply attach it to your laptop, and voila. Our award-winning Aires Technologies laptop radiation protection devices neutralize the adverse effects of laptop radiation, and are clinically approved, patented, and verified in independent medical and scientific facilities. Available for all devices! Buy your laptop radiation protection device today.

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