Laptop Radiation Protection Shield

November 24, 2015 3 min read

In a world teeming with electronic devices, in a society where we depend on electronics to function, in a home where all of our entertainment depends on electricity, and on a desk where work or socializing takes place, we are constantly being exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Over the past 20 years, personal computers have grown in popularity. Even moreso nowadays is the influx of laptop (or notebook) computers. These days, laptops pack the same power as their PC cousins, all in a portable, compact device. There’s just one problem with laptops – the name. The idea was a PC that will fit on your lap so that you can work from anywhere, but when the term was coined, the study of EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and portable electronic devices was in its infancy. But, these days we know better, these days more and more companies choose to refer to their portable computing units as ‘notebooks’ rather than laptops, and the reason is sort of obvious – laptops should not be used on your lap. There have been ample studies over the past couple decades clearly showing the risk of too much exposure to EMFs, and there have been ample warnings by those responsible for the studies to avoid radiation as much as possible. So, What are the Health Risks Associated with Laptop Radiation? There are many dangers associated with laptop radiation, and exposure can lead to many physically harmful conditions and diseases. The damaging process: - The body's cells’ energy is used for radiation protection instead of metabolism. The cell membranes harden, keeping waste products in and keeping essential nutrients out. - The waste gathering inside the cells provides an increased concentration of free radicals, leading to disruption of DNA repair. - Cell death is a result, releasing micronuclei from the interrupted DNA repair in between cells where they are free to replicate. This is the likely factor that contributes to cancer growth. Other risks associated with laptop radiation: - Gene and protein expression - DNA damage - Stress response - Alzheimer’s - Compromised immune function - ADHD - Leukemia - Melatonin production issues - Breast cancer - Childhood obesity - Asthma (when exposed in utero) Laptop Radiation Protection Options There are many things that you can do to protect yourself, and minimize your risk of complications due to exposure from EMF radiation. - Keep your laptop off of your lap. Distance is key to protection from radiation, you protection grows exponentially the further the device is from your body. - Use cabled internet instead of WiFi. WiFi is a major source of EMF radiation, switching back to cabled internet and turning off your wireless router and card can make a huge difference. - Get rid of the laptop. This only works if you vow to give up technology all together; replacing one piece of technology with another will not help. But, if you can give up on electronic devices, it will be sure to give you an edge in radiation protection. Or, buy an Aires laptop radiation protection shield. These devices are great, just attach it to your laptop computer and it will shield you from harmful radiation. How Does the Laptop Radiation Protection Shield Work? A radio frequency is an electromagnetic wave typically used for communication (such as a laptop). A radio frequency electromagnetic field is an electromagnetic field caused by radio frequency. It is possible to protect yourself from laptop radiation by neutralizing and shielding your body from the EMFs that are emitted by electronic devices. Aires Technologies’ microprocessors neutralize the adverse effects of laptop radiation. The result – it removes the dangers created by the laptop radiation. Our Laptop Protection Shields are: - Clinically Approved. Our devices have been tested, verified and approved in independent medical and scientific facilities. - Award Winning. Our radiation protection shields are recognized around the globe and have received many awards. - Patent Approved. Each one of our products makes use of exclusive patented technologies to achieve the best possible protection. - Available For All Devices. All of Aires Technologies products are available for any type of personal electronic device, including laptops. It’s time to put your health first, put an end to the risks associated with laptop radiation. Our laptop radiation protection shields are compact and affordable. Stop being attacked by EMF radiation, protection is right here. Purchase your laptop radiation protection shield. Buy Now!

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