Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding: Why It’s Important To You Even If You Don’t Know What It Is

March 27, 2016 2 min read

If you are unfamiliar with the term “electromagnetic radiation shielding” it sounds like something that might matter only if you were an astronaut headed into space. The fact that it is used to reduce electromagnetic fields through elements that are either conductive or magnetic might further confirm your original assumption. In reality, EMR shielding is the name of a type of technology that could make a big difference in the impact other types of technology have on your everyday life. Some of us appreciate gadgets more than others, but there are probably several items that you use daily that you would be lost without. Every time you make or receive a call on your cell phone or cordless phone at home, you are exposed to radiation. The same is true for electronics like your big screen TV, the PC and monitor at home and at work, and even the baby monitor you use to listen in to your baby’s room. The bottom line is that radiation is at home, work, and everywhere you go. Since it is impossible to remove all of the devices producing radiation in the world, a better alternative is to use electromagnetic radiation shielding products that remove the harm radiation can cause you and your family. How Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding Works All electronics work by passing electricity through a circuit to cause a reaction. The circuit acts as a transmitter for the energy, resulting in a phone ringing, a light shining, or sound being carried across distances. During this process, a current is generated which then flows between components resulting in electromagnetic fields. The energy produced is electromagnetic radiation and it has the capability to change the space around the electronic device. It also has the potential to change your cellular structure and cause a negative impact on your body. Although experts disagree about the degree of danger there is related to the EMFs produced by electronic devices, many feel that using electromagnetic radiation shielding products is a good way to prevent potential damage to your body. Radio frequency produces an electromagnetic field which may, or may not, be harmless. Those at certain frequencies are the ones that have the potential to do damage. To protect you from EMFs, the electromagnetic radiation shielding products neutralize the electromagnetic fields and keep them away from your body. Aires Technologies has won multiple awards for our radiation protective products. The concern for many consumers when buying this type of product is that the important effects it produces cannot be visualized. You simply don’t know if the product is performing or not. With the electromagnetic radiation shielding products from Aires Technologies, you can have peace of mind that you are being protected from the harmful effects of EMFs that are increasing in number in the environment each day. To learn more about our products or to place an order for a shielding product that will protect you and your family, call 1-855-725-2034.

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