April 23, 2016 2 min read

Computer radiation

We spend hours using and being around electronic devices every day. The majority of Canadians own a computer, a cellphone, a laptop, and often a tablet, headphones, a television, and a Wi-Fi router modem too. They can be used for our comfort and ease, however, in reality the amount of radiation that these devices emit is alarming. Particularly your computer—the device you spend hours on daily.

Possible health problems

Learning how to protect yourself from computer radiation is imperative to your health. Studies have shown that resting laptop on your lap for long periods can reduce sperm count, leading to infertility in men. Similarly, exposure in women has led to a decline in the eggs produced inside their ovaries. DNA fragmentation, skin burns, and rashes are common complaints heard after prolonged use of electronic devices. Large amounts of electromagnetic radiation cause damage to healthy cells and further damages chromosomes, leading to an increased risk of various cancers.

How to protect yourself from computer radiation

Want to know how to prevent computer EMR from affecting you? Turn your cellphone off at night or turn it on only when you need it. Turn your computer on only when you use it. Take small breaks in between so you are not exposed to the same device for hours. The longer you are exposed to radiation, the greater the effect it has on you. Another way is to increase the distance between the electronic device and yourself. For instance, place your laptop farther way from yourself on a desk, rather than placing it in your lap. Use radiation protective shields from Aires Technologies that can neutralize radiation. You can find a range of these powerful pro shields in our store. Educate yourself on your level of exposure and what kind of shield would suit you best. This is something you can do to tangibly reduce the level of radiation you are exposed to. Once you’re in the know, educate others on the harmful effects of radiation and teach them how to block computer EMR too.

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