The Concept - airestech

The Concept


According to contemporary scientific notions, any substance has an electromagnetic nature. In turn, the structural crystal lattice body of any substance represents a certain ordered periodic field structure. This thought was expressed for the first time by the Austrian physicist, and one of the founders of quantum physics, Nobel laureate Erwin Schrodinger: ìI am inclined to regard the entire structure of a crystal lattice as something very akin to de Broglieís standing wave. This lattice can be treated in a similar wayî. Any ordered material structure creates a periodic field (superposition) with an electromagnetic nature and is supported by that same field. Each directive change of the structurally-subordinated parameters of this field causes similar corrections in the characteristics of the material structure generating it.
The phenomenon of the resonant interaction of two or more wave functions, widely observed in the physics of open systems, always represents the result of a multi-levelled co-ordination of electromagnetic impulses participating in the process. The consecutive co-ordination of the broadband radiation from any arbitrary hypercluster system becomes the space-time processing of the coherent transformation of amplitudes of the wave range, phases and polarization vectors of the interacting objects, which lead to a structurally-subordinated resonance that sharply raises the energy potential of the system and considerably optimises the quality of structural characteristics of the object in a natural manner. Efficient self-regulation of any open hypercluster systems entirely depends on the scale and depth of the resonant interaction of the systemís objects, which is based on the broadband coordination of the wave superpositions participating in the process.
Thus, the most adequate agent for the purposeful restructuring of substance of any type is the spatially structured electromagnetic field of a specific configuration. For the efficient correction of an arbitrarily chosen material structure, it is necessary to transform its own electromagnetic radiation (superposition) into a highly coherent control field having a more perfect information-topological similarity, similar to the structure of the crystal matrix being corrected. The correction process represents the counter interaction of the field structures or a system of wave functions. The result of adequate corrective co-ordination of the counter interaction fields determining the fractally arranged hypercluster field structures of an arbitrary type is their large-scale coherent conversion.

  1. Any material body represents a complex dynamic field structure, as the nuclei of atoms containing practically the entire mass of substance occupy a negligible part of its volume, and the structure itself is being formed and supported by the interaction of the external electron shells of its constituent atoms.
  2. Any complex material structure, in particular a crystal or a molecule of human DNA, is a fractal object. And an ideal crystal is a strictly periodic fractal object. Defects of a crystal of any sort (impurities, empty knots of a lattice etc.) are the infringements of periodicity and the reasons for intrastructural conflict.
  3. A biological organism is a hypercluster of the spiral-helical configuration and its structure, especially in the process of its formation, is an open self-regulating system. In accordance with the principles of self-organization and the physics of open systems that constantly exchange substance or energy through their borders, for the transition into the spatially-organized structures due to the external influence, its value (potential) must reach a certain critical threshold. At the same time, to provide a system transition into a more qualitative state, the influence should be coherent and directional.
  4. Since any material structure creates a periodic field of chemical bonds, which has an electromagnetic nature and is supported by the same field whose coherence determines the perfection of the structure then this electromagnetic field should also be considered as the most adequate agent of external influence on the material structure.
  5. The thesis set forth above is the central point since the most direct approach for controlling the self-regulating process is the resonant interaction of a system with the influencing factor ñ in this case ñ its own coherently transformed electromagnetic field. The coordinated resonant interaction, including both the spatial resonance, and the resonance of frequency oscillations of field and lattice of substance (cytostructure), will facilitate the process of programmable-dependent reconstruction in the direction of perfection of its periodicity (elimination of defects) with minimal (optimal) input energy. Such resonant interaction owing to a principle of fractality, is possible not only when the control field and the bio-form have the dimensional coincidence of structures, but also when they have multiple scale similarity. It is necessary to notice that as resonant interaction it is important, first of all, to provide the precision of achieving the resonance conditions, rather than the intensity of a field influencing the substance. This is provided as a result of re-structuring and coherent transformation of own radiation of the object by a self-affine electromagnetic field.
  6. It can be asserted that through the multilevel, spatially-unfolded coordination of all (without exception) wave interactions and their derivative superpositions (which in essence represents the large-scale structurally-subordinated spatial-time coherent transformation of the entire range of the objectís electromagnetic radiation) is possible to initiate directly the most objective level of qualitative self-regulation of any hypercluster system of an arbitrary type and to support it for an endlessly long period of time.